About This Blog

At 45, I decided I wanted to grow the long, healthy hair that I had always wanted.  Up until then, I had allowed myself to be convinced that my hair type wouldn't work with very long hair, and also, I was a slave to fashion, often getting fashionable hairstyles, which often required an enormous amount of time, styling and heat damaging products and appliances in order to look good. I gave up the heat styling and wanted to learn to grow my hair in a healthy way. I joined some online long hair forums to get the tips that I needed.

However, the knowledge I gained there in the first couple of years got lost because despite knowing better, I chemically damaged my hair. That led to a series of big cuts, and then I maintained my hair's length for a while until I felt that the worst of the damage was gone. When I started this blog, at the age of 48, my hair was finally back to the length it was when I originally began my first long hair journey in 2006. I'm really hoping to get it right this time. Ideally, I'd love for my hair to grow ultimately to tail-bone length, while still looking healthy. In the meantime, I still have many more milestones to pass.

It's been trial and error finding which products and routines work for me, and I feel that I've finally found the right combination of hair care and regular small trims.

In any case, this time, I plan on getting it right. Time to let it grow for good, and hold myself accountable.

So this blog is mainly about my long hair journey and occasionally I discuss life in general.

I'll be showing progress updates, hairstyles that I can do at whatever my current length is, some hairstyle tutorials and some hair care tips that I've learned along the way.  However, everyone's hair is completely different, so remember, what works for me may not work for you.

All thoughts and opinions in this blog are my own. I have purchased all of my own hair care products and accessories myself, and have not been paid to mention or review any products.

All hair progress, hairstyle, family and pet photos and videos are my own and are copyrighted.