Sunday, December 5, 2010

Live And Let Live--Please!

I am really getting tired of articles written by beauty reporters and fashion consultants who think that very long hair simply needs to be cut. I was pointed to the direction of this blurb, written by the Allure Daily Beauty Reporter.

I really felt annoyed that the reporter had to put down a woman for proudly having hair down to her buttocks, and then going the extra mile to figure out the psychological reasons why some women are "afraid" to cut their hair.

While I have no doubt that some women cut their hair for psychological reasons, and others keep their hair long for psychological reasons, I truly believe that most women wear their hair at the particular length they wear it simply because that's the way they like it.

Of course there are also religious and cultural reasons why some women keep their hair very long.

Once in a blue moon, I read similar articles about women with short hair, but the focus is almost always on long hair. And by long hair, usually beauty editors mean anything longer than collarbone length.

Why is there this seemingly constant need in the beauty industry to suggest that women need to cut their hair? Particularly, women who have reached middle age are picked on for having long hair. If a woman feels beautiful with her hair at whatever length she wears it, that's good enough for me. I wish that we women would all be more supportive of one another's unique style.

Isn't that what it's really all about?

I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend.

'Til tomorrow, my friends. Much love to all and extra hugs to anyone who is ill today.


  1. Dear Franny,

    I really want to think that these articles aiming at older women with long hair tell them to get it cut (into something "stylish") so they will spend money. For the same reason they have to buy all sorts of crazy creams to look "young"...

    In my experience, I've seen lots of older ladies with long hair at my work, and they are beautiful! One lady in particular has gray hair at about classic length which she always styles so beautifully, and one can tell that it's that length because she enjoys having it (not because she's "letting herself go" - ptooie!).

  2. Oh, there are a lot of reasons why women are told to shorten their hair. First, what the other commenter said - because hey, hair salons need money too, and what a terrible disaster it would be for them if everyone started growing long hair and taking care of it for real in their homes. Second, it's the fact that not all people are strong enough to distance themselves from the fashion norms and have an individual style. Directly resulting from this is envy, because nothing breeds envy more efficiently than weakness, and all that people are envious of must be destroyed,by their flawed logic at least. Then there are other small reasons, like people who have had hair trauma of some sort and just find long hair repulsive, then there are people with OCD who think you just can not keep hair clean enough for their standards, and then are those who immediately label a woman with longer-than-average hair as "religious, strange".

    I personally don't care. As long as my hair is clean and a pretty sight, there is absolutely no reason anyone should tell me what to do with it, and if they do, I can give them precise GPS directions as to where they can shove their "friendly advice". And this is not going to change with age. Just because you're over 30 doesn't mean you have to blend in - every age has its own charm.

  3. YEP......blueblackhusky pretty much summed it up! I certainly am going to continue growing my silvers, and I'm a "tad bit" beyond 30, LOL!!

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