Friday, July 9, 2010

Keeping Myself Motivated

I was looking through some old hair photos from when I first started growing my hair and using healthy hair care practices and found something a bit surprising. 

I found this photo of my hair in a Figure 8 Updo. My hair at the time slightly shorter than it is now. Yet since my hair has so much less taper and is now thicker, I can't yet do a Figure 8 as nice as this one looks.

I can do a "sort-of Figure 8" right now, but the top part of the 8 really isn't there. It's not nearly polished enough to wear out and about.

So I am pleased that while I haven't yet achieved great lengths, I have definitely improved the quality and thickness of my hair.

I do wonder just when I'll be able to do a Figure 8 Bun or an Infinity Bun again that I feel good about posting. It could be months yet. Having never had hair with ends this thick at this length before, it's all new territory for me. Figure 8s are among my very favourite updos, so I am eager.

In the meantime, looking forward to be able to properly do this style again is just another one of those things that keeps me going.

In other news, I decided that right now just wasn't the time to grow out the wider and deeper part of my bangs. I cut them again until I can come up with a good strategy to grow them out.  If you recall, I don't want to grow out all of my bangs--I am completely and totally a bangs person--but I think they may be just too wide and deep. I can live with it for now.

Still not feeling quite up to par, but I do plan on feeling better tomorrow. I can plan that, can't I?  :D

Til then, my friends. Love to all.


  1. Hope those plans for today come through, friend. I am just beside myself with my own hair of late. I wonder why I was given this mess on my head. It only looks good with at least an hour of work and I'm just getting too old and tired and sore to keep my arms over my head for that long. But I am with you; a die hard bangs person.

  2. Well tomorrow is here and I hope you feel better. I'm a bangs person too. I love that figure 8 bun it looks so pretty.


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