Friday, July 2, 2010

Thank You, Readers, and Sun Protection

I was looking at some statistics from my hairstyle website, which I've had for about 2 years, and I was amazed that my little site has been viewed by thousands of visitors from 119 different countries all over the world. I was also pleased to notice that I continue to see new regular readers here on this blog. 

I really do appreciate all of you who read, and I want to also thank those of you who take the time to leave comments. It's always nice to know for sure that there is someone out there who reads what I write. AutumnLeaves and SchnauzerMom; you ladies are so kind and rarely if ever fail to leave a comment. I can't tell you how nice that is. I would never be able to think up a comment to write for every blog entry I read, but you gals do, and you are sharing a real gift.

I myself am not the best at commenting on blog posts nor at replying to comments, although I do read them all, and they mean a lot. I just find that often the comments speak for themselves, and I am at a loss as to how to comment in response. I hope everyone knows that every comment is read and appreciated.

Rarely do I write comments on the blogs that I read, often because I'll have read a previous comment that says so much more articulately than I what I feel after reading an entry. I do keep up on the blogs to which I am subscribed, although on occasion, I may read a weeks' worth of a given blog's entries at a single sitting.

Yesterday was a lovely Canada Day, and the weather was perfect. We had a lovely week, sunny, but not too hot, with light breezes.  Today is much hotter and more humid once again, but the sun is still shining in a largely cloudless blue sky.

Now that the sun is so direct, it's a good time for a reminder to protect our hair from the sun. The sun really can cause damage to hair. Obviously protective updos are helpful, but if you're outdoors for a long period of time, the sun will weaken your hair, so do keep your head covered during the peak sun hours if at all possible.  Try a pretty scarf, a buff, a head wrap, a sun hat, even a baseball cap--whatever it takes to protect your hair and scalp from sun damage is really important.

Myself, I wear a sun hat that I've had for years. I picked it up at KMart. We haven't had KMart stores in Canada for years, so I know that hat is old, but it's very comfy and it does the trick.

Here's a secret. You can pick up a nice sun hat in the men's department of a store for much less money than you'd pay in a woman's department.  My hat was purchased in the men's department, but I think it's quite feminine, at least when a woman wears it.

In this photo, that was taken in the Spring, I'm wearing my hair down. The sun was bright but not too intense that day. At this time of year, low updos worn at the nape of the neck are really ideal for wearing with hats.

I hope that everyone enjoys the weekend, that you have lovely weather, and don't forget to protect your locks from the sun.

Love to all.


  1. You look sophisticated and like a movie star! Oh to be able to carry that look off! My hair just wings out in all sorts of horrid manners when I have a hat on. I used to think I looked pretty decent in hats (at least when I was a kid). Not any more. Sad, because I really love the look of them! And you are more than welcome. I comment because it is how I stay in touch; well that, and my own blog.

  2. I love that hat, that's the style that looks good on me. I always try to wear a hat in the sun. I had a sunburn on my scalp once and it's not a good thing.

  3. How do you keep your bangs from going into weird kinks and angles? That always happens to me if I wear a hat with my bangs!

  4. Autumnleaves, like a movie star? I'll take it! :D

    SchnauzerMom, I have experienced a sunburned scalp too and it really is not a good thing.

    Well, Anonymous, my hair is pin straight, so if my bangs get dented from a hat, all I need to do is put a bit of water on them and comb them down again. Dent gone. I think it may be harder for those with different hair types.


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