Wednesday, July 28, 2010

To Bend Like A Reed In The Wind...

One learns nothing when blogging if not to be prepared to be adaptable to the unexpected. For me, that's been a very good lesson. I have never been good at rolling with change.

Today I was planning on making a video, but there is a wicked thunderstorm right on top of us, so there isn't enough natural light in the house to make a decent video.

Even the topic of the video that I'm planning relates to adapting to change. In a previous entry, I did a photo tutorial with instructions to do the Gibson Tuck. My hair has grown just long enough that I can no longer use the method in my instructions to do a Gibson Tuck. The hair pokes out now or shows through the pocket, so I've had to come up with a new way to do it. In any case, I'll be doing that video as soon as possible this week, but I do find it interesting that the theme of the day for me seems to be learning to be flexible, and changing along with life's events.

It's so interesting to me how just a month can make a difference in how to handle my hair. Some hairstyles I outgrow or I have to come up with a new way to do it, and some I can suddenly do, when I couldn't do it last month.

I was also thinking today about how some people get really bent out of shape over their "halo hairs".  We all have them. As we shed hairs in our natural cycle new hairs grow in, so we always have shorter hairs around out head and whether we wear our hair down, or in an updo, they show on most of us.

Personally, I like the stray hairs that pop out of an updo. There's something so old fashioned to me about having to have every hair in place. It reminds me of the 60s, when women used so much hairspray on their updos that even a hurricane wouldn't blow a hair out of place.

Now, of course there are times when we want to have our hair look perfect. It may be on a wedding day, either as a bride or a bridesmaid.  It may be for a formal event, or for a formal photographic portrait.

However, in my opinion, for every day, it is nice to see hairstyles that look pretty, but slightly imperfect. I think of those escapee hairs as looking "romantically disheveled". I encourage you too to embrace your halos, cowlicks or whatever is not absolutely perfect about your hair. It's very freeing and it's a wonderful feeling.

Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with that video. If not, then who knows?

Love to all.


  1. I'm learning to embrace the non perfection of my hair.

  2. Ooh, your weather sounds like my kind of weather! As to the hair? My gosh you should see my head! It is enough to scare people and it doesn't seem to have grown at all since I was so stupid to have cut it. I am really not pleased with the girl who cut it either. She didn't even come close to the style I showed her I wanted. I have an inverted triangle going on these days (wide part at top, chin is the point).

  3. This girl does a Gibson roll with waist length hair, have you seen it?

    I'll have to look for your previous instructions on how to do it on shorter hair, because I tried the one I posted the link for and my hair is not long enough for it!


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