Saturday, July 3, 2010

Embellish Your Updo: Accent Braids

Sometimes when you have long hair, and like to wear it up to protect it, to keep cool, or for style, certain updos can seem to look too severe from the front.

An easy way to soften your look is to embellish your updo around the hairline near the face. There are a few different methods that I use, but I'm going to start with a very simple one. In these photos, I am wearing accent braids.

I took a small section of hair from right beside my face and I made a small braid on each side. I then incorporated them into the cinnamon bun hairstyle (instructions for the cinnamon bun in this video). The accent braids add a little bit of interest to a very simple style, and they also create a pleasing lift beside the face.  Occasionally we like to have the tight-bunned mean lady look, but sometimes it's nice to look a little softer. Sometimes I use one accent braid on each side, and other times I may use 2 or more.  Sometimes I like a thicker braid, and other times just a thin one as pictured. As always, the photos may be clicked to see the full-size version.

I hope that all of my American friends are having a great 4th of July weekend, and for everyone else, I wish you a happy weekend too.

Love to all.  'Til tomorrow.


  1. With a face like mine, softer around the face is always a must do (hah! pun not intended but I like it! LOLOL)!! I like this look too, Franny darlin'. Hope the weather is in a great place for migraine reduction. I worry so much about you!


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