Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Off-Topic Tuesday: Daughter's Gone Home

Well, today is for me the day that everyone who has a child who lives far away never looks forward to.  It's the day that my daughter, who is 21, by the way, finished her visit with us and is en route to her home 500km/300 miles away. She was here for 13 days, but the the time just whizzed by.

It was a really nice visit, and she spent a lot of time with us, but also got out and went to some fun places and visited friends. Somehow though, no matter how long she visits, when she leaves, I always think about the things we didn't get around to doing. I guess that's inevitable, but it feels so bittersweet.

I am proud of her living on her own, supporting herself and working on her career, and I'm fine with the fact that she lives a few hours away, but at the same time, the house here feels so different the moment she leaves it.

My son is 19 and still lives with us, and I wonder how long he'll remain here. One never knows. I just know that I do my best to enjoy every moment.

It still feels like a blast furnace outdoors today, but the humidity is not as bad, so it's more comfortable, and I don't feel crabby the way I did yesterday. I'm just a bit blue with my daughter leaving, but that's natural, I think. In a few days life will seem normal with her away again.

I'll be home alone this evening, so I'm going to figure out now how I'm going to spend it.

Love to all, and be well.


  1. The humidity here is very high. Makes going outside rough. I'm glad that your daughter is doing so well. 300 miles is a long way but it could be worse.

  2. LeAnn moved to her boyfriend's yesterday and of course, took the girls with her. I am beside myself with missing them already. Despite the arguments, I love them all so much and just feel better knowing they are here with me and safe. My point? I know a bit how you are feeling, my friend. So glad the heat or humidity tempered a bit for you. We had a bit of thunderstorms early evening yesterday. A welcome respite for me. Hopefully we'll get a few more today. I hope.


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