Thursday, June 17, 2010

Video How-To: Using Hair Sticks In An Updo

It was only a few years ago that I learned how to put hair sticks in an updo to actually hold the bun, not just as adornments. For many years I thought that when a woman in a movie took her hair down by removing just one stick that it was a movie trick.  I was delighted to finally learn how to use them properly, and hair sticks are now among my very favourite accessories.

I know that I am not alone in needing help learning just how to make hair sticks work, so I made this video.

It could also be titled, "How To Make A Cinnamon Bun Updo", as that's the hairstyle I'm using to demonstrate the hair sticks with.

I'm using Mei Fa Hairstyx in Viola for this updo.  They were my very first pair of "good" hair sticks.

Yes, I know that the bun ended up a bit off centre, but I hope that for those of you who are new to longer hair, this video is helpful.

If anyone can tell me why this video is not centred on my blog page the way my last one was, I'd be most appreciative of any help you can give me. :)

Sending out love to all who read this.  'Til tomorrow, my friends.


  1. Great job with the video. I could never get hair sticks to work in my hair, too thin I guess.

  2. You have a lovely voice! I've always had a rough time with hair sticks myself. They start out fine and holding well, but eventually, they do begin to slip and slide.


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