Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hairstyle Photo: Loose Wavy Curls

As I mentioned on Monday, I curled my hair that day with large foam rollers to create very loose wavy curls. I used the method outlined in this blog entry, but this time I made smaller sections and used more curlers in the set  for more defined waves than what you see in the photo in that previous entry.

It still only took a few minutes to set my hair with just a spritz of water and my favourite hair-friendly Morrocco Method styling gel, which allows shine, but also holds extremely well without being crispy or sticky.

I wonder if any of you know how much fun it is for someone with such straight hair to have even a bit of volume.

If I had wanted tighter curls, I would have used smaller rollers, but really, I just wanted a bit of bend to my hair as well as some body.

For even longer lasting curls, I would go with a wet set and keep the rollers in until they dried, but even with this method, my hair was still wavy the next morning after taking my hair out of my bedtime bun.

I appreciated the comments to yesterday's entry and I have replied to all in the comments section. I seem to be getting much better at doing that.

Anyway, that's it for today, short and sweet.

'Til tomorrow, my friends. Much love to all.


  1. HI FRANNY! When you said, and I quote... "I wonder if any of you know how much fun it is for someone with such straight hair to have even a bit of volume" I had to giggle. I was just thinking the same thing, only different. "How nice it would be if I could just wake up in the morning and have my hair fall into place, no muss no fuss, no bed-head!" The only time this ever happened to me was the day after the hairdresser straightened my hair for a wedding. She first straightened it with a blow dryer and a round brush and then proceeded to flat iron it. I really liked the look, especially when it looked exactly the same the next morning! Your hair looks lovely with those loose wavy curls!

  2. Very pretty! Those waves look lovely.
    Like Lulu said, it would be nice to have straight hair, you know... My hair catches wave from any bun or braid, it's insane. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.

  3. Wow your hair looks very pretty that way.

  4. Hi Franny, It's Lisa R from LHC. I think your hair looks absolutely gorgeous both straight and wavy/curly! You do so many great things with your hair:) I also love that neat half-updo twisty thing. I will give that one a go.
    I've posted on LHC with pics of my new hair trim. It was a really good thing to do and I love the results!!:) Thanks for encouraging me to get a trim!


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