Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Shedding Update and Exhausted

Thank you for all of the sweet and heartfelt comments left in response to yesterday's post. I would like to comment on each one individually, but I'll need to feel better in order to do that, and I'm just not there yet. Please do know though how much they mean to me, and I've read them over a few times.

I am afraid that as much as I really needed a good rest last night, I slept very poorly. I think I fell asleep by 11:30, but I woke up just after 1:00am and was awake for a good 45 minutes. I did fall back to sleep, only to wake up for the day at 3:30a.m. I tried to have a nap this afternoon, but it didn't work out.

So, I honestly don't know how I'm feeling today, aside from completely exhausted. I don't know if I'll manage to stay up until 9:00pm, which is the earliest reasonable time I would ordinarily consider going to bed under these circumstances. However, today I think I'll just turn in when I really start to feel that I'd be able to fall asleep. While I'm so exhausted that I can hardly think or move, I'm not drowsy just yet.

Well, I mentioned on Sunday that I was noticing what may or may not have been an increase in shedding. Since then, I've made sure that I've combed my hair well twice a day when removing it from an updo, and there was not an unusual amount of shed hairs.

I really think that I had been keeping my hair up without combing it enough, and the shed hairs were staying in the updo longer, making several days' worth of shed hair come out at one time. I had also been increasing time between washes, so that likely contributed to the illusion of increased loss.

Anyway, as I've mentioned before, don't ever panic right away if you notice a shed increase. More often than not, there's a logical explanation. On the other hand, if you really are shedding a lot, and it lasts, make sure that you see a doctor.

It would have been nice to have some hairstyle photos to display today, but unsurprisingly, that's just not going to happen. I'm happy that I was even able to make a blog entry today.

So that's it for today. I'm just going to try to find something gentle to do to keep me occupied until I can go to bed.

Thanks again, for the comments.

'Til tomorrow, my friends. Much love to all.


  1. Hello Franny,
    Just wanted to quickly say that I hope you feel better quickly!!! And get a great night sleep too!!

    Take care,

  2. When I really need sleep, I take some Nyquill. Probably not the healthiest choice, but it's nice to get knocked out!

    You said you were going to see your doctor, right? I am worried about you!

  3. Linda, I did sleep well last night. I think I'm beginning to feel a bit better, but it may still take a few days to really feel like myself again. Thank you so much.

    Somehow I managed to get a full night's sleep without any aid last night, Aamba. I have resorted to such things as Nyquil in the past, I'll admit.

    Please don't be worried; I'll be fine. And yes, the doctor is taking care of me. :)


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