Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just Saying Hello

Well, I don't have much to discuss today, so I'm just checking in, really.

The so-called extra hour of sleep did nothing for me, as I woke up in the wee hours yet again. I have grown exhausted again, and I'm basically just looking forward to bedtime. I never imagined that there would be a time when I would actively look forward to turning in at night, but in the past several weeks it's happened a few times.

No hair news, as I was just too worn out to even think about washing it today. My hair has just been out of sight and out of the way in a bun all day.

I'm very surprised at how long my daughter's hair has gotten since her visit in late June. Her hair is just about at waist length. It really looks beautiful. I must take a photo of it this week and post it.

My son is on a stretch of working seven straight 8-hour days. It's a long time without a break, but he's looking forward to seeing the resulting paycheque.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend.

'Til tomorrow, my friends. Much love to all.


  1. I look forward to seeing a picture of your daughter's hair! I love looking at beautiful long hair :)

  2. ME TOO! I love long hair inspiration! I hope you are enjoying this time with your daughter, Franny. I have had a growth spurt, it's such good timing in light of my recent doubts. I'm back on track......for now.....

  3. I hope you can get the rest that you need.


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