Friday, November 12, 2010

Oh Dear

Well, my daughter left for home early this morning, before the sun even came up. We were supposed to take some photos of her hair last evening, and also, she wanted me to give her a trim.

All of that came to a crashing halt when a simple toilet repair turned into a plumbing disaster.

To make a long story short, a pipe that should have been threaded into the main pipe was soldered in by the workers who built this house. There was no way to expect that, because in this particular case, every plumber would tell you that soldering is a no-no. So the shut-off pipe was broken right at floor level when my daughter and my husband were trying to remove and replace it.

Fortunately, the main water was shut off in the house, but once the pipe was broken, there was no way to turn the water back on in our home without a geyser shooting out in the kids' bathroom, which would have caused a major flood.

We had to call in a professional at 8:00 P.M., and before I went to bed, the pipe was fixed, the toilet was working, and we were a few hundred dollars poorer.

Everything was in chaos, and we didn't get around to taking photos of my daughter's hair, nor did I get to give her the trim she wanted.

I guess we shouldn't have waited until the last minute. Well, live and learn.

In any case, I realized that I have a length photo of my own hair that was taken exactly one year ago tomorrow. I took another photo today. Because the shirt has lettering on the back, it's another good one to establish the amount of growth I've had in a year. (Photo is clickable for a closer view.)

Since last year's photo was taken, I have trimmed off  3 1/2 inches, which is about a half of a year's worth of growth, so I'm fairly pleased with the amount of progress I've had in this one year.

I am still embarrassed by the thin ends, but once again, I have to remind myself that I need patience and eventually, my hair will be longer, and all of the thin ends will be trimmed away.

I wonder how many times I've had to remind myself to be patient in this blog. I don't know exactly how often, but it's been a lot. I have to keep reminding myself that I don't need to be perfect, and this is a journey, not a race. Okay, I am duly reminded.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

'Til tomorrow, my friends. Much love to all.


  1. Wow - I'm duly impressed with all that growth! Beautiful.

    I've lived in a two such houses: where either the builder or original owner jury-rigged everything either with oilfield equipment or in my current case, duct tape, lots of silicone, and lots of zip ties. It's crazy! Sympathetic hugs.


  3. Your hair looks great, what a lot of growth! (And your ends don't look at all thin to me, for what it's worth)

  4. In one house that we had we had a pipe break and they had to jackhammer out the concrete floor so it could be fixed. Quite a mess. Your hair is gorgeous, tremendous growth!

  5. Thank you Amykins and SchnauzerMom, for the commiseration regarding the plumbing mess.

    And thanks to you ALL for the kind comments about my hair. You all made me smile.

  6. Awesome growth! And your hair looks so beautiful, it's simply gorgeous.
    Sorry for the plumbing disaster...

  7. Oh my, your growth is fantastic! Now that's some progress - your hair is both longer and more beautiful.
    Btw, I'm sorry about the plumbing problems :( That sounds horrible.


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