Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rainy Sunday

Yes, it's been a rainy day, perfect for someone who is still getting over a tummy bug. Happily, I'm not feeling the damp chill that I felt yesterday. I'm still not feeling up to par, but I was able to eat a little bit today. Unfortunately, I've been awake since 4 a.m., so my mind is still a little bit dull, as is my body. Early to bed, I guess.

Well, there must be something in the air, because I've noticed an unusual number of friends and LHC members wanting to cut their hair. I wonder if it has something to do with the time of year. I do know that the last time I cut my hair short was around this time of year. I don't know.

I've said before that I really like shorter cuts on some people, but the only thing that worries me is when people make impulsive decisions. It takes years to grow out very short hair, especially layered cuts. On the other hand, hair does grow back. Well, that's why I always suggest the two-week rule. A well thought out cut is likely to be a more successful cut than an impulsive cut is likely to be.

As for me, with being ill the last couple of days, I really haven't been thinking about or doing anything with my hair at all. I guess it's been a few days of benign neglect. I've just basically kept it up in a bun, doing it no harm, but not treating it especially well.

I really need to do that protein pack, because I can tell that my hair needs some protein right now, but it's not exactly an emergency.

Well, I'm off to watch the last hour of the BBC's version of  Jane Austen's Emma. It's been an enjoyable series. While not completely faithful to the book, it is faithful in spirit to the book. I don't think there's a TV or movie adaptation of any Jane Austen novel that I haven't seen. Jane Austen is like comfort food to me.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, did what you wanted to do, and I wish you all a good week ahead.

'Til tomorrow, my friends. Much love to all.


  1. Hello, Miss Franny. I've not much of import to say, other than that I've lurked around on your blog for some time and find it both informative and inspirational. Thought I'd say something this time around. :)

    Having been there with the impulsive hair chopping, I'd have to second the two-week rule. I used to have waist-length hair until I saw one of those trendy angular bobs in a fashion magazine and just HAD to have it. It didn't take too long for the novelty to wear off, and now I'm trying to grow it back out. =(

    But on the other hand, I can't say I regret it too awfully much as I've heard of some people on the LHC who've had long hair all their life. Not knowing what short hair is like would make one naturally curious on the matter. So at least I can say I've experienced both sides and can say for sure which one I like most. =)

    Have a great day, and happy growing! =D

  2. Hi Viiryen! I am so happy that you commented. Like you, I have never regretted a cut, with just one exception. That exception was a time that I had to get a very short pixie due to bleaching my hair about 13 years ago. When I have chosen to get a cut, even after the novelty wore off, I just grew it in again. I've spent most of my teen and adult life varying between short, medium and somewhat long lengths. I almost made it to waist a couple of years ago, but that was not to be.

    I am so happy that I tried so many different styles, and I honestly can't imagine what it must be like to have had long hair for a lifetime. The temptation to try something new is something I completely understand.

    However, there have been a few famous cases of lifelong longhairs cutting their hair and they were so traumatized and despondent for months, maybe years afterwards. There have been others who cut their hair and loved it, finding it very liberating.

    When these people ask for advice, I get nervous about giving any, because I can never really understand.

    The two-week rule doesn't prevent regret, but it gives a person time to think of all of the ramifications, and hopefully choose a style they can manage.

    I'm glad that you had your angular bob experience, because as you say, now you know what you prefer. Also, it really is fun to have a change once in a while.

    I've had just about every haircut imaginable, as well as every colour.

    I now know that I prefer long hair and the colour my hair is now.

    Thanks again for commenting. :D


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