Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bangs, Fringe--It's All The Same

I've had bangs all of my life, with the exception of about 2 years from 2006-2008 when I grew them out. I loved the way they look grown out, but with my fine, straight hair, they were always in my face, and I had to clip them back, even when they were well grown out. I finally caved and cut bangs again.

Not everyone is a fan of the fringe, but I guess it's just part of my identity. I'm including a photo of me at the age of 10. Basically, I have the same hair style now as I had then. After years of perms, curling irons and even crimpers (yipes) in an effort to have bigger, wavier hair, I've finally come to love my straight hair, and I find it ironic that I wear my hair the way I did when I was 10. It's all come full circle.

My hair grows fairly quickly, so I need to trim my bangs every 2-3 weeks. Fortunately, I have a good pair of scissors and I've learned to trim them myself. It's quite easy. In fact I cut the bangs I have now from the grown out bangs myself. I am quite pleased that I don't have to worry about going to salons for those trims anymore.

So, today, the bangs are falling in my eyes, and I guess it's time for a trim. Again.

The clarifying yesterday went well. I didn't end up having time to do the hour-long deep conditioning, so I loaded my hair with a ton of conditioner in the shower and left it for about 5 minutes. I'll have to do the deep conditioning tomorrow.

Nonetheless, my velcro ends are gone, and my hair feels less tangly. So if you ever find that your ends are tangling, don't forget; clarify before doing anything else, like getting a trim.

I can't say that my hair looks any different after clarifying, but it feels different and is better behaved. So much about hair is not visible to the eye but is visible to the touch.

After a gloomy week of rain here in Southern Ontario, I'm delighted that the sun is out again. It looks to be a promising week of Spring weather. I hope that everyone is having a great weekend.

Off to trim the bangs.


  1. My bangs were getting in my eyes last weekend. So I decided to trim them. I trimmed them just above my eye brows but then decided I want to do something cool and severe. I then tried trimming them on an extreme angle, apparently I'm not too good with the scissors though and they were jagged and ugly. So I decided to go for really short Betty Page bangs. That doesn't work so well with my hair though and they just stick up. So for the past week I have been pinning my tiny bangs to the side. They are beginning to look ok now but I will be continuing to pin them to the side till they have grown out a bit further.

  2. I feel your pain, the.weight. I think everyone with bangs has had that experience. Bettie bangs are very pretty, but they are not easy for a beginner to cut. Also, they require a deeper bang than what you might have.

    Do you have deep bangs? As in deep in from the hairline?

    I'll be posting an easy way to trim bangs by the end of the week. With very little effort, you definitely can trim your own bangs successfully.

    In any case, one good thing about bangs is that they grow. It won't be long until you're ready to trim them again. Before then, I'll have some tips for you.

    Keep me posted.


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