Monday, April 19, 2010

Hairstyle How-To: Peacock Twist

This is a quick and easy hairstyle for people with shoulder-length to lower mid-back length hair.  It's a great first updo for when you're first growing out your hair.  Even at my length, I've just about grown out of it.  There are different ways to wear it, whether you use different clips, or whether you finish it by fanning the ends out, bending them to one side, or dividing them in two to both left and right.

On my hairstyle site, I've had several people write and request instructions for this style, so I'll give them in this entry. As I mentioned, my hair has gotten just about too long for it, but I'm adapting.

Here are the instructions:

1. Brush hair back and hold it as if ready to make a ponytail.
2. Twist hair several times in a counter-clockwise direction.

3. Pull twist upwards while twisting some more.

4. With right hand, grab a jaw clip, beak clip, French Twist comb, or the hair accessory of your choice.  I have chosen to use a medium Ficcare Innovation Beak Clip in Pink Marble.

5. Insert clip.  Arrange ends to the left as shown below.
6. Or for a traditional "peacock" look, clip a bit higher, if necessary and fan hair out as shown below.

And that's it!  You've got a Peacock Twist.  It will likely look a bit different every time you try it and at different lengths, and it is a quick updo that can be done in seconds, which can come in very handy.

Another variation would to be to part the ends in two and have them lean both to the left and the right.  Play with the placement of the clip and experiment with how you place the ends.  Have some fun with it!


  1. I never could quite make this style work for me when my hair was longer. Not sure why. Now the top sides are just a bit too short and fall out. But it sure is fun seeing you do the different styles. You have amassed an arsenal of fabulous looks with your hair!

  2. Thank you AutumnLeaves! I've loved learning new styles, and this was probably the very first style I learned when I was growing my hair from above the shoulder. This style really works better with hair at least 4 inches shorter than mine, but in a pinch it's a quick way to put my hair up and out of the way in seconds.

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