Thursday, April 29, 2010

Me? Really, Madam, You Must Be Joking!

Do I think about my hair 24/7?  No.  Even though I write about hair and hairstyles every day, I really don't give it a lot of thought most of the time.  Except...

When the end of the month hits, I am filled with girlish glee as I anticipate my monthly measure-in and progress photo, which I do on the last day of the month.  Then I post the results on the Internet.  Sometimes I feel silly about it, I admit.

Yet there's something so satisfying about seeing a new number on that measuring tape, and knowing that there will always be a larger number.  There's something almost miraculous in the fact that hair grows in amounts that are measurable every month.

I also enjoy taking my progress photos.  I never compare it to last month's picture.  I look at the photo from three months ago.  Invariably the difference is visible.  This is just another way in which the long hair journey is fun for me.

So even if I feel that I'm making no progress, the tape measure and the photos tell me differently.  While I know I still have some damage that will eventually have to go, I am reminded that even with my quarterly 1/2 inch trims, my hair is still getting longer, and the amount of damage is getting less.  It's all so positive!

If someone had ever told me four years ago that learning how to properly care for and style my hair would become something of a hobby, I would have laughed. I couldn't have imagined that I'd ever be frequently looking for new braids or updos to try.  To be writing about all of this on the Internet?  Really, you must be joking!  However, here I am, enjoying talking hair to my Internet friends, sharing my thoughts on hair care and hairstyles.  I never would have imagined.

I know that to some people, one would have to be some sort of a nut to even think about measuring and photographing one's hair length every month.  

I guess I am some sort of a nut.  Filled occasionally with girlish glee.   I can live with that.


  1. I guess the big difference between you and me is that my hair never became a hobby with me. I don't think about it any more than necessary. Yours is gorgeous by the way.

  2. Absolutely nothing wrong with girlish glee. What does that feel like, by the way?

  3. Thank you, SchnauzerMom. AutumnLeaves, I suggest you try the girlish glee thing. It feels pretty darn good!


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