Friday, April 23, 2010

The Grass is Always Greener

One of the things that discourages many people when growing out their hair is comparing it to others.  You may have straight, fine hair, and see someone with wavy thick tresses or lovely dense curls that you adore.

Or you may be curly and envy those with straight, smooth hair.

You may put your hair in a braid and see how thin it is compared to someone whose hair you admire.

Let me just say that for most people, I've found it to be that the grass is always greener.

When I began my first journey toward seriously growing my hair long, I decided to give up heat styling devices.  I already colour my hair, and there's only so much that one's hair can take.  This meant having to deal with my fine, straight, flat hair.

I had previously spent most of my life doing whatever I could to achieve body, volume and curl, so this was new to me.  When I joined the online Long Hair Community, I was in the company of many people whose hair was much thicker, wavier and I thought, just plain prettier than my own.  I just felt that my hair was so--insignificant.

However, along the way, I began to notice that so many people whose hair I admired were admiring hair that was completely different from their own.  I realized that I was not alone in wishing my hair was different.

Spending more time with my fellow/sister LHC members, I started seeing the beauty in every hair type, and eventually, that included my own.

No longer did I wish for what I didn't have.  I suddenly appreciated my hair just the way it is.  Yes, there are people who can put their hair in three braids each of which is equal in size to my own.  Yes, there are people who have the lovely natural waves and body that I'd always adored.

And yet, there I was seeing my own hair in a new light for the first time.  I finally accepted and eventually really loved my own hair.  It was a true revelation for me.

So the bottom line is whatever your hair type, please try to see it for how beautiful it really is, and know that there's probably someone out there who wishes they had hair just like yours.

Once you love your own hair, you can learn to treat it the way it's meant to be treated and find the hair products and routine that make the best of what you have.

If you really want to grow, learning to love your own hair type, with all it's quirks and flaws is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your hair.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I'm learning to love my hair just the way it is. I've spent over 50 years getting to know it.

  2. I've spent almost 49 years with my hair, but I've only really gotten to know it in the past four years, SchnauzerMom!


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