Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Off-Topic Tuesday: Birds' Nest and Time to Get Moving!

Nothing says Spring to me like watching birds nesting.  For the last few years, robins have built nests on our porch light.  A nest was started about 2 weeks ago, but it was a gusty day, and the beginnings of the nest blew away.  I thought that perhaps we wouldn't have the pleasure of watching the robins' life cycle this year.

I was very excited to see that it looks as though the robins have begun building again.  These birds are slow though.  The first photo was taken yesterday, and the second was taken today.  

I hope that the nest is completed and that the birds have a successful brooding and hatching.  I'll share photos if and when that happens.

On another note, I stepped on the scale on Saturday, and while I'm two pounds less than my all-time high weight, I'm about 25 pounds from where I'd really like to be, and about 18 pounds from where I realistically think I can be at this point in my life.

Some people can gain twenty pounds and it's almost unnoticeable, but I have the hereditary tendency from both sides of the family of gaining about 80-90% of my excess weight on my tummy.  This is not a good thing.  If it were more evenly distributed, I think I'd feel better about it, but I really don't like the way I feel right now.  I can't fit into my jeans, and my waistline is virtually non-existent.  A year from now, my hair will be inching toward waist length, and it would be nice to have a waist!

This is one of the few things that I've noticed about getting older.  The weight just doesn't come off as easily without a good deal of exercise.  I've been leading too sedentary a life of late.  I get a lot of migraine headaches, so it makes it hard to move the way I'd like.  I've been inspired by some of my friends though, who are in the same boat and who are starting to get more active.

I think I can find a way to do cardio, even when I'm not feeling at my best.  I have a stepper, and I used to love stepping.  It doesn't involve a lot of movements that are uncomfortable for the days that I have migraines, and it's easy.  Whatever I do for cardio now has to be low impact, so this is perfect.

So thanks to you gals who have inspired me.  I'm about to get moving again!

I hope that everyone has been enjoying this lovely April day.


  1. Franny, darlin', I see you as a person who can do whatever she sets her mind to do so I expect your journey to drop those extra pounds will be quite successful and fairly quickly. The sedentary life is pretty much spot on for me. Between the 'degenerative arthritic changes' and the fibro, it seems tougher for me to move around as I used to do. A never ending battle. Kudos to you for the energy efficient light bulbs. Hope the robins are fat and happy this year!

  2. Thank you my Leafy friend. I think that so often others have more confidence in us than we do in ourselves. Do you happen to know what I mean? ;)

    I really appreciate your show of support. And I completely understand the never-ending battle, believe me.

    I hoped someone would notice the light bulb!

  3. Hang in there you can do it. I lost a pound this past week which is great for me because I usually gain and lose the same pound over and over. Hopefully I've broken out of that pattern. I really should lose about 25 pounds.


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