Friday, April 30, 2010

Progress Update For May, 2010

This evening I recorded my monthly measure-in.  While technically today is the last day of April, I will call this my May Progress Report.  After all, t's already May 1 in England. Right?

I was very pleased with my growth this month.  On the first of the month, my hair measured in at 24 inches.  Today, I measured in at 24 3/4 inches.  I call that a very good month. 

First I'm posting a photo of the comparison between my February update and my current update.  This shows my growth in three months.  I've also had a small trim in between.  

Here are two other photos.

I'm thinking I may be firmly at mid-back by the end of the summer!  Woohoo!!!

'Til tomorrow, my friends.  I wish you all a very happy weekend.


  1. Your hair is looking mahvahlous, Darlink! :D

  2. Beautiful hair, Franny. I must say I most impressed by how well dressed/put together you are. I walk around like a big fat slob in old tees and ratty shorts around the house. I embarrass myself.

  3. Thank you, Ice Queen and AutumnLeaves! :D

    Dearest AutumnLeaves, I don't even want to tell you how old that cotton sundress that I'm wearing is, and I'm just wearing an old black t-shirt underneath. It's usually old tees and jammy pants if I'm just around the house, for me. Not put together AT ALL. :)

  4. Wow your hair is gorgeous! Lots of progress there.

  5. Thank you, SchnauzerMom. You're very kind. It has been a good growing season, it seems.


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