Saturday, September 18, 2010

Abbreviations And Terminology I Commonly Use

I thought it was about time to make a list of some abbreviations that I either use, or want to use but don't, because I fear that readers who don't frequent long hair message boards won't understand. There is also some terminology that I use that may not be understood unless I explain in every blog entry.

Here is a list of my abbreviations.

  • ACV-apple cider vinegar--I use a diluted solution of ACV and water as a final rinse usually after washing my hair
  • APL--armpit length hair
  • BBB--boar bristle brush--a hairbrush with natural bristles, which helps distribute the hair's oils more evenly and is generally gentler than a brush with nylon or other plastic bristles.
  • BSL--bra-strap length hair
  • CBL--collarbone length hair
  • CO--Conditioner Only--a method of washing hair using only conditioner, but no shampoo; this is the method I use
  • CWC-Condition, wash, condition method of washing one's hair
  • DT--deep treatment; it could be a deep moisture treatment, a deep oiling, or a deep protein treatment; I usually specify
  • EO--essential oils such as lavender oil, which I often use to add a pleasant scent to conditioning mixtures I make, or to my mister bottle of distilled water, that I often use to dampen my hair.
  • EVOO--extra virgin olive oil
  • JO--jojoba oil
  • LHC--The Long Hair Community--the primary hair care forum that I frequent
  • LHL--The Long Hair Loom--another wonderful community for people interested in growing long hair
  • S&C--shampoo and condition
  • S&D--"search and destroy" method of cutting out split ends
  • TBL--tailbone length hair
  • TLHC--another acronym for The Long Hair Community
  • WL--waist length hair
Terminology I use about hair

  • Baby Hairs--shorter, finer hairs found around the hairline. Usually these hairs have a short terminal length, but occasionally they are caused by breakage
  • Canopy hair--The hair that grows on top centre of the head and forms the "roof" of your hair if you wear it down; it is the hair most exposed to the elements and can be more fragile than the rest of the hair
  • Cones--shampoos, conditioners or serums that contain some form of silcone such as dimethicone
  • Halo Hair--new hairs are growing in all the time, and so we always have hairs of varying lengths on our head; sometimes the shorter ones fly around in the air creating a halo effect
  • Hemline-the bottom edge of one's hair; in my case I trim my hair into a gentle u-shaped hemline
  • Terminal Length--the length at which any hair naturally stops growing and falls out
That's the list for now. I'll add to it if I think of any others that I have forgotten or haven't yet used. Please ask if there is a term or abbreviation that I use that isn't on this list.

On another note, it's a lovely day here, and I hope it is wherever you may be. Wishing everyone a lovely weekend.

Much love to all. 'Til tomorrow, my friends.


  1. Hope you have a great weekend too! Thanks for all the info.

  2. Yes Franny, thanks so much!! Isn't the weather just grand? Finally all of the outdoor chores that I actually enjoy are now possible! I tried the lemon rinse and my hair looked quite nice afterwards, I still have a few reservations though. Any time I try something new my hair seems to react well (mostly) so I'm not sure if that is the reason or not. To be very honest, my hair did have a "funky" feel to it after it dried. I guess I will just stick to my white vinegar and water rinses.


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