Saturday, September 4, 2010

No Trim This Month

Thanks to everyone for your get well wishes, as I am feeling somewhat better today. Much to my surprise, I had a full night's sleep last night, despite all of the napping yesterday, and it made a lot of difference. The fever is not gone, but it's down significantly, and I am a little more aware of my surroundings again today.

I finally managed to wash my hair, and I'm glad that I knew that after having it bunned for a few days, with very little combing in the mean time, there would be a lot of shed hairs ready to be removed, or I may have panicked when I saw all of the hair that came out in my comb. However, it was just 3 days worth of shed hair that was unleashed, so it was entirely normal.

My hair is not quite dry, but it was just about dry enough to take a photo of the ends. My assessment is that I can go one more month without a trim. My ends are thinner than the rest of my hair, especially on the right side, but we know that already, as I am still growing out and trimming out the damage. Nevertheless, I don't see enough new unevenness or thinness to make it mandatory to trim this month.

I'll have my half inch trim in October, after checking with both the Morrocco Method Lunar Calendar and The Almanac's Best Days. I like to choose a day that they both recommend. Usually there is at least a day each month when their best cutting days overlap.

I am indeed enjoying the cooler air that has come today, and I'm sure we'll have a few more blasters of heat before the summer is officially through, but this has been a very nice respite today.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend. For those of you who celebrate Labour Day as we do, I hope you enjoy your long weekend.

'Til tomorrow, my friends. Love to all, and extra hugs to anyone with an ailing loved one.


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous! And I am so glad to hear you are feeling somewhat better. Hoping the cool sticks around!

  2. I'm glad you're feeling better. Your hair looks gorgeous!


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