Sunday, September 26, 2010

Responding To Some Comments and Welcome New Followers

Well, as you all likely know by now, I have a terrible time responding to comments in the comments section. I always feel as though the reader won't come back and see it, but I'm going to try to change that.

For today, I want to respond to some of the recent comments made.

I was surprised to learn that I'm not the only one who avoids the news. Aamba, Luluj, and SchnauzerMom, I feel that I am in good company. I thought I was the only person that I know who doesn't keep up on the seamier side of life through watching the news. There is just so much going on out there that we really don't need to know in order to lead full lives.

Blueblackhusky, formerly known as PassionKiller, don't be surprised that I answered your question with an entire entry. Your question about ponytail breakage was a very good one! I know that satin scrunchies aren't terribly fashionable anymore, which is why you aren't finding them in Romania. As you said, they were available some years ago. They are primarily found these days online by longhairs like us. I think you can get some at If you're not interested in them for everyday use, you may find that the hosiery idea works for you. Of course, once you learn a few easy updos, that will make life a lot easier for you.

Kathy, I'm happy that the lemon rinse worked out for you. I'd love to know if you tried it again.  Lulu, I guess it's not for you. If I don't hate a new treatment the first time, I will give it a month, and I'm still doing the lemon rinse thing. As I mentioned, even though my hair is so straight, it does get a touch of frizz from time to time, and I like the idea that the lemon juice keeps moisture in the hair.

I do love my ACV rinse though.

I really enjoyed the comments about my entry about '60s hair. It's fun for those of us who were there to remember, and I think it surprises younger people that the '60s were not the free and easy times that people think they were. It was a long time before what the hippies and college kids wore translated to the real world. It still amazes me that in 1968, we were still wearing dresses, white gloves and hats to church (we little girls wore hats with elastic under the chin, the way party hats have elastic--ouch!), and by 1974, it was nothing to see girls wearing jeans to church. Talk about culture shock!!! Unbelievable in such a short period of time.

As regards my post about friendship, I really appreciated the comments. You're right, SchnauzerMom and Aamba, true friends are rare, and are to be cherished. I honestly believe that any of us are fortunate if we have three friends like that in a lifetime. Your words, though few, Birthday Princess, put a lump in my throat. Thank you, sweet friend, and I was surprised and delighted to see you here.

Just Amy, I agree that it's a blessing to be grown up and still fascinated by the moon. I'm happy that you got to enjoy it the other day. Do you remember being a kid and being in the car, thinking that the moon was following you? The trees and houses would whip by, but the moon followed the car. You're too young to remember this, Amykins, but I'll never forget looking up at the moon the night that the first astronauts walked on it 1969. That was an amazing feeling.

It's so funny that you mentioned Birds of America. That was one of the recent indie films I had seen, although here on our cable movie channel it goes by the name of Laws of Motion, which according to IMDB was the original working title. I really enjoyed the movie, and I thought that the acting was excellent, and I so enjoyed the eccentricities of the characters. Gotta love dysfunctional families, don't we?

I ended up watching an indie movie that night after all, although it had mainstream actors in it. It's a movie called Paper Man. It starred Jeff Daniels, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, and a very restrained Lisa Kudrow. I think you might like it. It was funny, sad, touching, sometimes surprising, and ultimately satisfying, in my opinion.

Maya/DuckyDot, thank you so much for your kind words and for reading. Your hair will be long enough to do these styles before you know it! I'm happy that you're able to get some practice in already. :)

Oh! And if you're having trouble getting into LHC, try clearing your browser's cache, or try logging in with this address: That might work.

And I guess the jury is in, both with my blog buddies and at home regarding yesterday's entry. I will not be trimming my hair until it's enough past the bra strap that I can have a half inch trim and still have hair that is below the bra strap. It's been a long haul for over 2 years, constantly trimming out the damage incurred at that time, so I deserve a break and to just enjoy the growth. Thank you all for your opinions. Agnes and Lady of Canterbury, it's so good to hear from you again.

I know that AutumnLeaves is unable to read right now, but I hope that just by writing this, you'll know that I think about you every day, and I'm sending you lots of love, hugs and good wishes.

I am grateful to see that some of you have officially become followers here in the past few days. Welcome, welcome.

I love you guys.
'Til tomorrow.

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