Monday, September 27, 2010

Decisions, Decisions On A Rainy Monday

If anyone reads this blog and doesn't really know me they would think:

  • I have nothing more important to think about than hair
  • I have nothing to worry about other than my hair
  • All I think about is my hair
None of that is true, of course, however sometimes thinking over minor hair dilemmas is much more pleasant than thinking about other things. It is definitely a pleasant distraction.

Today I was debating again about whether or not to grow out my bangs. I ran across a photo of me from when I had grown out my bangs, and it looked so pretty. It was nice to be able to part my hair on the side from time to time, and to have all of my hair in an updo.

Then I realized that it looked pretty because I had done a damp set with curlers, so I was easily able to create a nice swoop and have my bangs out of my face.

So I looked at some other photos of my hair without bangs, and I wasn't so impressed by how it looked on a day-to-day basis. I had to always have my bangs pulled back into an updo or if I wore my hair down, I had to keep them behind my ears, because my hair is so fine and straight that it falls straight down into my face.

I've heard tell of people "training their hair" to naturally go into a certain direction, but I can assure you that try as I might I could never train the front to my hair to stay out of my face. And believe me, I tried.

Also, like it or not, bangs are part of my identity. I've pretty much alway had them, and I feel more like me with them.

I know that bangs are work for some people, but mine are straight and thick enough that they behave and stay straight down with no work whatsoever. Once in a blue moon, I'll wake up with them sticking up, but all I have to do is give them a light mist with water, comb them down, and I'm ready to go.

They also soften the look of an updo. Since I have such straight hair, when I wear my hair all pulled back, it's pretty severe. I used to try to offset that by French braiding the top of my hair, but it didn't work miracles.

Well, it looks as though in the process of writing this, I've answered my own question. For me, having bangs is less maintenance than not having bangs, so for now, they stay.

This evening is another night out for the boys, so I have the house to myself this evening. I didn't sleep much at all last night, so I plan on going to bed early. I've done about all of the work I could do today (which wasn't much), so I guess I'll look for a movie to watch.

Much love to all. 'Til tomorrow, my friends.


  1. I've always had bangs. Sometimes thick bangs, sometimes thin wispy ones, but always something on the forehead. I have a high forehead and look almost bald without them. I hope you have an enjoyable evening.

  2. I'm the exact opposite, I can't have bangs, my hair is just too wavy. Even if I straighten them it only lasts for minutes at the most. I can remember wanting to have hair (bangs) just like "Cher" when I was a young girl, even going so far as to iron them with our steam iron, LOL! We have had a rainy day here so my hair looks like I trimmed off 3 inches instead of 1 and a half inches, but it sure does look thicker and healthier. I really like your bangs, Franny.......they are so "YOU!"

  3. Bangs annoy me so much (on me). I'm really glad I grew mine out. For some reason I kept cutting bangs into my hair throughout my teenage years and I always looked terrible with them and they annoyed me. I don't know what I was thinking.

    It seems like there's no harm in growing out your bangs for a while and experimenting with it. You can always cut them back in, right?


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