Friday, September 24, 2010

Another Of My Long Hair Inspirations

While I have mentioned some of the long hair inspirations of my youth, I have never talked about the woman that really made me finally decide that growing my hair long when I was over 45 was okay.

Up until then, I was buying into the idea that I had to be stylish and age-appropriate to some degree. I thought that being older, heavier and no longer being able to look glamorous meant that long hair was not for me.

It was Tyne Daly in her role as Maxine Gray in the TV show Judging Amy that made me re-think all of that. I liked the down-to-earth, homey personality of Maxine, and her common sense approach to life. And I loved her long silver hair.

As characters go, I identified more closely to the character of Amy, who was closer in age to me, and was raising a child. However, I would often find myself looking at Maxine, and thinking how much I admired that she (and of course Tyne Daly who played her) defied convention and had long hair for her own pleasure only.

I enjoyed seeing her going to work with her hair pulled back in a simple bun. Most of all, I enjoyed watching her in the scenes at home late at night when she might have her hair down, or in a long braid that laid over her shoulder.

It opened my eyes to the idea that it's not only okay to be an individual, and that it's okay to have long hair as a woman of a certain age, but to the idea that I could grow my hair for no one else except for myself.

Tyne Daly broke all of the Hollywood rules. Was she slim? No. Did she dye her hair? No. Was she over 50 and wearing long hair? Yes. How wonderful is that?!?

Honestly, at this point I don't even remember exactly how long her hair was, but I do remember thinking how soft and feminine she looked in those at-home scenes when she was in a bathrobe perhaps, and wearing her hair loose. Most of all, I remember that she possessed that unique brand of beauty that comes from simply being oneself.

It was an idea that I liked. I realized that I had not missed my chance to wear my hair the way I always wanted. And I could do it for no one else other than me.

Yes, Ms Daly has since cut her hair, nevertheless, I will always remember how much she inspired me to be my own person, regardless of what society has to say.

I hope everyone is set for a wonderful weekend.

'Til tomorrow, my friends. Much love to all.


  1. I forgot about that show. It is a good example!

  2. Wonderful example. Thank you for the inspiration!


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