Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labour Day!

Well, it's Labour Day already: the unofficial end of summer. It's been an interesting long weekend weather-wise.

I always still feel very wistful on Labour Day, as here in Ontario, the first day of elementary and secondary school always starts the day after Labour Day. It's funny that it's been some 31 years since those days for me, and even my kids are no longer in school, but the feeling of that fresh start that the new school year brings is still with me.

I've always loved this time of year. It has so often heralded new friendships, and new experiences. I also love the weather of the impending autumn. I suppose I'll carry that feeling with me until the day I die.

Not much to say about my hair today, so I'll just post some photos of how I'm wearing my hair today. It's sort of a crown braid, but not really, because it circles the back of my head rather than the crown. Of course it's done exactly the way I do a crown braid. If anyone can think of a more appropriate name for the braid in this placement, I'm open to ideas. Crown braid just doesn't sound right.

I like the way the wisps are blowing in the breeze in the third photo.

I lace braid my hair to do crown braids, rather than French braiding the regular way. Lace braiding is just like French braiding, except that I only pick up the hair on the outer side of my head for each plait. I find it not only quicker and easier, but I also like that the hair in the centre of the braid is not all parted for each braid strand.

This braid is an inverted lace braid, commonly called a Dutch Lace Braid.

I hope that everyone who has had a long weekend has enjoyed it.

'Til tomorrow, my friends. Love to all.


  1. Oooo very pretty! I was never coordinated enough to do thinks like that. I have had a great Labor Day so far. When I was a child we started school the day after Labor Day but now the schools here start in the middle of August. Somehow that just doesn't seem right.

  2. That braid is gorgeous, oh my goodness!

  3. What an elegant and beautiful do, my friend! Man! I so wish you lived near me...or vice versa.

  4. Beautiful! I love your crown braid! I'm in awe of your braiding skill - I'm not competent enough to do that one ;)

  5. I just love the braid, Franny! Like the others, I'm not so sure I could master the technique, although I plan to work at it!!


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