Friday, May 21, 2010

Everyday Hair Oiling

Why would I put oil on my hair every day? Well, it is mainly to add a tiny layer of protection and to help replace the natural oils that may have been stripped away from my hair. While I can't ever truly replace the oils on a longterm basis, it is possible to simulate it with daily oiling.

I never would have imagined that I'd be putting oil on my hair daily. Especially with my fine, straight hair, I would have thought that putting oil on my hair would make it look limp and stringy.

However, I put oil on my hair every day now, and it does wonders. My hair looks full and it doesn't appear oily or lank. The key is learning to use it properly.

Everyone has preferred oils. I have already discussed that I use a fair bit of coconut oil all over my hair before I touch up my roots with dye, in this entry. Now that I've started doing that, I won't ever stop. It's done really good things for the condition of my hair.

Yet, coconut oil is too rich for use on my hair every day, no matter how little I use. While there are many long haired men and women who do use it daily, I am not one who can. I like using extra virgin olive oil for deep treatments, but again, it not something that agrees with my hair for daily use. Everyone's hair is so different, so what works for one, may not work for another. Some people claim not to be able to use oils at all.  This has not been the case for me.  It did take some trial and error though, some of it with hilarious results, when I tried using too much in the beginning. Yes, there were in fact days when my hair looked like an oil slick when I was still learning.

I experimented with several different oils for every day use.  I have settled on jojoba oil for every day. It seems to have the consistency that agrees with my hair and I've learned just how much to use for it to be effective without leaving it looking as though my hair is oily.

I purchased my 8 ounce bottle of jojoba oil from a soapmaker on Ebay for less than $10.00.  I still have about 1 1/2 ounces left in that bottle, which was purchased about 3 1/2 years ago.  Another good thing about jojoba oil is that it has an extremely long shelf life, and does not go rancid.

I have a little dropper bottle that I put the oil in. Many people like to add an essential oil to their hair oil for the scent. I use lavender oil, as it's very safe for the hair, and I like the clean, green scent of it.

I use jojoba oil after I've washed my hair and when it's almost dry.  At my current length, I use about 6 drops in total.  I apply it in sections--left side, right side and back.  I put two drops of oil in the palm of my hand, rub my hands together and then run my hands down one side of my hair from about the ears down, trying to make sure that the very ends get most of the oil.  Then I do the same for the other side of the hair, and then the back. When my hair is dry and I have finger-combed it, I then finish by combing my hair with my seamless horn comb. Then I will do a short, gentle brushing with my boar bristle brush, to evenly distribute the oils.
At night, before I put in my bedtime bun or braid, I usually put about 1 drop of oil on each of the three sections of my hair using the method described above.

Jojoba oil seems to sink into my hair, leaving my ends softer and my hair shinier. It also really does offer a  buffer against the elements.

There are a lot of oils to choose from, and it may take some trial and error to see which oil works best for you, but I think it's well worth the effort to find just the right oil  and how much of it to use.

On another note, I'll be doing at least two hairstyle tutorials in the coming week.  Thank you so much for reading, and I'll talk to you tomorrow. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.


  1. Oh yes, I did indeed used to have lay on the bed to zip my Gloria Vanderbilts. LOLOL I really liked coconut oil on my hair too. And I like olive oil and I like the jojoba. I think the coconut is my favorite, though the olive oil is a close second. I can't honestly say it ever did much for my hair (or disturbed it any either), other than adding a few glints of light points. You take such good care of your hair. If you lived nearby I'd just have to let you attempt to work your magic on this old head. Sheesh. No one has ever been able to master it...except the Turkish stylists - who were all mean when I lived over there '85 - '88. They were awesome at getting it under control. Brute force I think it was.

  2. I KNEW you laid down on the bed to zip up those designer jeans. Isn't it funny to think of it now?

    I can see how coconut oil would be good for your hair, as you have a much different hair type from mine. It never ceases to amaze me just how different we all are.

    I love that the stylist needed to use brute force on your hair--and it worked! You are so funny.

  3. I tried grape seed oil on mine when it was longer. It seemed to work really well.


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