Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Retail Therapy

Sometimes, when waiting for your hair to reach that next milestone, it's nice to get a new hair accessory for your hair. You can just put your hair up and forget about it for a while when you're getting impatient, and a beautiful new hair accessory makes it that much more fun.

Even if you're on a budget, as I am, it's a good idea to save a bit of money (even a dollar) each week, to save up for a good quality hair clip, hair sticks or any other accessory that you might like.

Drugstore hair accessories can be pretty, but they are often not very sturdy and don't always hold the hair well.  Some of the higher end accessories are products that will last a lifetime.  Ficcare hair clips are a really good example of this.  They are extremely well-crafted, they have extra strong springs that won't give out, and they're strong and sturdy.

While some people refer to their hair accessories as "hairtoys", I consider Ficcares, and some other accessories that I will discuss in future to be "Hair Jewelry".

Most recently, I purchased a Ficcare Maximas in the small size.  It's part of the now-defunct "diamond" collection.  The colour is Antique Silver with Aurora Borealis coloured crystals.  

After quite a search, I found it online at a reasonable price and it just arrived today!  I was so excited to go to my mail box and receive this parcel that had come to me all the way from Germany.

So here is a photo of my new Ficcare Maximas, another esteemed member of my hair jewelry collection.  Forgive the lack of much style, I just wanted to get that clip in my hair and show you right away!


  1. It does look lovely, my friend. A pretty choice!

  2. Oh I so want one of those in a large. I can't afford one but always drool over them. It looks so pretty in your hair. *sigh*


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