Monday, May 10, 2010

Hairstyle: Faux Coiled Braid--First Attempt

Today I tried this hairstyle for the first time.  I call it a "faux" coiled braid because it's actually 3 separate braids, one coiled around the other.  I'm surprised at how big it looks, even at my current length.

This is a surprisingly easy style to do.  It simply requires making 3 single braids, one under the other.  Then I coiled the top braid and pinned into place.  After that I coiled the braid immediately underneath it around the first coil.  The bottom braid was then coiled and pinned around that.

Since this was my first attempt, it's not as neat as I'd like, but I want to post a photo anyway. 

I'm fairly pleased at how this turned out and how easy it is.

I'll post a tutorial with photos in a future entry.


  1. Wow that is gorgeous, I love it!

  2. This really is stunning, Franny darlin'. I'm surprised at how big it looks too! Amazing!


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