Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hair Style: Boho Nape Knot

Today I'm showing a photo of a boho-style nape knot. 

I lace-braided each side of the hair, and then combined the sides with the rest of my hair.

Then I made a loose braid.  After that, I rolled up the braid and pinned it into a chignon, or low bun.  

This is a quick and easy hairstyle, provided that you can lace-braid.  I originally learned how to do this braid from the book Beautiful Braids.  When the braid is done in the manner of this styles, it's also known as the Face-Framing braid.  Lace braiding is similar to French braiding.  The only difference is that instead of adding hair to both the inner and outer strands of the French braid, you just gather new pieces of hair from the side closest to the face. These pieces are added to the outer strands of the braid.

I'll be adding this to my Updo Gallery on my website when I get some better photos.  Or maybe it should go in the Braids Gallery.  I'm not sure.

I hope you like this casual updo.  It's a great look for summer, and very comfortable.


  1. Wow that is gorgeous, makes me wish I had enough hair to do that. But mine is so thin it wouldn't look that good anyway.

  2. Honestly, I am not sure I've seen this style before (and I thought I'd seen them all). I really love this, though that is partly due to the name. I never could braid my own hair...

  3. Beautiful!!! I wish I was hair style talented but I'm not. I love it.

  4. Thank you everyone. I was pretty happy with that style.


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