Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Off Topic Tuesday: And Kitty Makes Six

3 years ago in August, as I was still mourning the loss of my last cat, my daughter found a little 3 year-old tuxedo cat who was in need of a home.  Her owner was moving, and couldn't take the cat with her.  Seemingly the cat had lived in three homes prior to coming to our home; her forever home.

She had the somewhat unfortunate name of "Cutie".  I couldn't, nor could anyone in our home, manage to say the name "Cutie".  So the trick was finding a name for her that we could all live with.

Her name became "Q", after the character in James Bond.  Of course, her name has morphed from everything from Cupers to Q-Bert, but she's just as happy with any of the names.

Unlike all of the other cats who had found homes with us over the years, Q didn't seem to like to be held, and for the first few days, she was quite irritable.  In fact, her personality was so unpleasant that there were family members who didn't think she would be a good fit with us and our dog.

Yet in time, she settled in and while she's never going to love being picked up and cuddled, she's a fun little companion.

And while she may hiss at the dog from time to time, he's not bothered a bit.

I'll share some photos of Q, who has become a cherished part of our family.

I hope that everyone is having a good week and that wherever you are, you're enjoying some nice weather.

'Til tomorrow, my friends.


  1. She is so beautiful, Franny. She has a most amazing expression!

  2. Q is gorgeous, so that coloring is called tuxedo, how cool. I'm glad that you gave her a home.

  3. Q *is* a cutie, lol!

    I find it interesting that pets can have such different personalities.


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