Sunday, June 27, 2010

Almost Update Time

Although in the past, I have admitted to experiencing a certain girlish glee when it comes to my monthly progress updates. This month, not so much.

I have mentioned that I trimmed the "v" from my hemline.  Although I really only trimmed a small portion of my hair to do that, it made a real impact on what my length will be.

It seems so silly, in a way.  I know I've made growth progress this month, and most of my hair will be longer, but the very centre of the back of my hair will not be.  Yet, I still keep feeling that my hair is so much shorter.

I don't really know why this bothers me.  The "v" had to go some time, so it was probably better sooner than later and is it really reaching a new length milestone when just a tiny "v" of hair reaches a certain point, but most of the hair doesn't?  Not really, in my opinion.

I think my negativity today has a lot to do with the fact that I woke up at an unholy hour this morning, so I'm a bit sleep-deprived, we are under a severe thunderstorm warning, and I have quite a bad migraine going on. Also, I've had more than the usual number of hot flashes today, likely to do with the humidity.  Even at this hour, it's very hot out, and the air is so thick with humidity that it feels as though you could cut the air with a knife.  It's very humid in the house too, even with the A/C.

Any one of these things on its own might make me feel somewhat down, but with all of it, I really do have the blues today. Of course, whenever I'm blue, it tends to magnify anything that I'm not happy with about myself.  Well, it's just past 7:00 PM, and to be honest, I'm counting the hours until I can go to bed, hopefully get a good and full night's sleep, and perhaps everything will look better in the morning. I hope so.  I hope to be more cheery when I write tomorrow.

I also hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Love to all.


  1. Oh dear; one of those types of days. I find myself quite often blue of late - much of it having to do with my marriage, and the rest of it having to do with worrying over the kids. I often find myself wondering what the heck is the point. As to hair? Ever since my last cut, my head is not fit to be seen. I cannot get it to curl anymore at just goes to instant frizz and I really do look like Einstein or Twain or Don King. I can't even put it up and I count this as a serious lesson learned. Now that it is gray, it has to be long enough to put up. It is to the point of being embarrassed for anyone to see me.

    Hoping today finds you feeling better and I'm hoping the storm will break for you; I think that will help, yes?

  2. You live in Canada right? For some reason I always thought Canada was a cold, dry place all the time. I hope you feel better.


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