Thursday, June 24, 2010

Still Hot and Daughter is Home

This is just a quickie today, due to special and happy circumstances.

It's still extremely hot and humid, but I'm happily sitting here in the air-conditioned house with my whole family.  My daughter arrived home for her visit this morning.  After taking an overnight bus to get here, she went to sleep shortly after coming home and is now well rested, and looking happy and healthy. What more can a mother ask for?

We're all a little tired here today, actually.  I couldn't fall asleep until 1:00 a.m., and I woke up at 4:30.  I did have a little nap, but it didn't seem to help much.  Yet it's a lovely day, and we're all together.

My daughter received a royal reception from both the cat and the dog, as well as from her non fur-bearing family.

I was surprised to see that her hair has just now reached BSL.  It grew really quickly, and it looks lovely.  She's not a crazy hair person like her mother, but she does know that I enjoy seeing how much her hair has grown.  Even she didn't realize that she's at BSL. She thought she had further to go.

Unlike me, she doesn't use permanent dye, so her hair is looking extremely healthy.  I'll post photos later, because she doesn't feel that her hair was picture-ready right now.

Anyway, between all the excitement and the lack of sleep, I'm having a hard time concentrating on writing, so I'll sign off now.

I hope to be able to post a photo of my daughter's newly BSL hair before I post tomorrow.  Love to all.


  1. I hope you have a great visit with your family.

  2. Nothing like the feeling of having our kids all together and home safe and sound. Can't wait to see the photos, sweetie.


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