Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mayonnaise Treatment For Hair

Chances are that you've heard about using mayonnaise as a deep treatment for your hair.  Chances are that you've never tried it. I remember first reading about mayonnaise treatments in my teens, and I did try it back then on my perm-damaged hair. I liked the results then, but I forgot about it along the way until just a few years ago.

A mayonnaise treatment is an excellent choice for when your hair is feeling dry or damaged. It has a perfect balance of moisture, protein, oil and pH level. Some people think it works like a miracle. I wouldn't go that far, but it is a great go-to treatment for when your hair is stressed for any reason. It's also very easy to use, as it's pre-mixed and you don't have to have any preparation time.

I do suggest this treatment for when you're home alone, unless you share a home with people who don't mind your minor eccentricities.

The next time you see Hellman's (or Best Brands) Mayonnaise on sale at your grocery store, pick up a jar. Consider marking the label with an indelible pen, so that you remember that this jar is for your hair only. This is purely for sanitary reasons.

The treatment is best done on clean, damp, but not wet, hair. If you use silicone-based products, be sure to clarify first, as I described in this entry.

When your hair is damp, just start slathering on the mayonnaise from the roots to the tips of the hair.I always use more than is probably necessary, but that's okay. Your hair will only absorb so much.

After the mayo is worked through your hair, loosely bun your hair on top of your head and cover with plastic. I like to use plastic grocery store bags that may be hanging around the house, because I can handily tie the bag up with the handles.  Sometimes, I then cover the bag with aluminum foil.  This really helps hold the heat in, and allows for even better absorption.

Cover the whole mess with a towel, and as with the coconut milk soak, it's a good idea to have an extra towel to drape over your shoulders, to catch any drips.  And there will be drips.  This is not pretty.  The results are worth it though.

Try to keep the mayonnaise on your hair for an hour or so.  Then shampoo out with your regular shampoo. If you use conditioner only, you can also use just the conditioner to wash it out.

You may want to shampoo it twice.  Don't panic if your hair still feels oily after the second shampooing. Shampoo does not get oil out of the hair as well as conditioner does. While it sounds counterintuitive, oilier products actually remove oil better than shampoo does.

Make sure that you use a lot of conditioner.  You'll need it to remove the excess mayonnaise.  Work the conditioner into your hair well, and try to leave it on as long as possible.

Rinse for at least three minutes with lukewarm or cool water, and follow if you like with an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse.

That's it!  I suggest keeping a jar of mayonnaise on hand for one of those days that you feel like giving your hair a treat. You will find that your hair is smooth, shiny and healthier feeling for it.


  1. I've done this numerous times over the years, since way back in high school days. I always slather it on dry hair (I end up using almost a whole big jar). I've even used Miracle Whip (since I never buy mayo). Always liked the results myself, though a good shampooing is necessary to remove the smell.

  2. I've never tried that, thanks for sharing the info.


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