Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I wish a Happy Father's Day to anyone who may be a father, to your partners who are fathers, and the fathers of anyone reading this.

It's a balmy, beautiful day here, and I've had the day to myself.  I currently have a head slathered in coconut oil, and I'll be touching up my roots in a short while.  I've been colouring my hair for so many years that I really have the touch-up process down to a science and it doesn't take me very long to do. It's not an inconvenience to me as it is to some people.

I am in a happy place again with my hair.  Trying a couple of styles that I hadn't done in a while this week and playing with curlers took the edge off not being able to do hairstyles that require more length.  It's funny how little it takes sometimes to get past a stumbling block.

My impatience has been put away again, at least for a while.

Today I've been wondering yet again just how long I'll be able to grow my hair with it still looking healthy. I do hope that I can get past waist length, because I've been looking at some beautiful hairstyles that I want to try that will require that kind of length.

It's a mysterious journey in a way, because while I have short-term goals, I really don't know what my final destination will be, or even if there will be a final destination.  Perhaps even if I reach my "secret" goal of tailbone length, there may be things that I will still be able to do to improve the condition of my hair.  I may want to grow out my bangs again, or maybe not. My journey may have to end at waist length or at hip length. I really have no idea. Whatever will be will be, and it's exciting not to know what the outcome will be.

I truly am enjoying the whole process, even though I do have days during which I feel a bit discouraged.  The discouragement always seems to pass, and before I know it, I'm back on track, looking forward to my next goal again.

Knowing that the negative days pass and give way to the positive is a wonderful thing. It's a good thing to remember about non-hair related issues too.  I've said it before, but I'm learning more and more valuable life lessons along this long hair journey

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend and I'll talk to you tomorrow.


  1. This week was a tough hair week for me in that I used oil that had protein in it and now my ends are crunchy. So, now I am deep conditioning and after reading your entry, I am inspired to try out some other styles.

  2. A nice place to be indeed, Franny.

  3. You're taking such good care of your hair I think you probably will be able to grow it at least to hip and maybe longer.


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