Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another Exercise In Patience

It seems as though if nothing else, this long hair journey is going to teach me patience.

Shortly before I began this blog, I thickened and widened my bangs, because I wanted a bolder look, and I wanted my cheekbones to show more.

However, I've come to think that maybe I cut back too deeply, so I'm growing out part of my bangs, so they won't be as deep from my hairline or as wide.

Eventually, the grow-out will become face-framing layers, but right now, the sides just look neither here nor there and they are starting to look a bit awkward. The tips of the grow-out are just now touching my cheekbones.  It will be months now before they are down to the edge of my face, or to the length of my chin.

I did give it a lot of thought before increasing the size of my bangs--more time than the 2-week rule that I've mentioned before, and I did like them, but I realized that too much of my hair was being used for bangs.

So on top of having the patience to trim regularly, which will delay my overall long hair journey, now I have these face-framing layers to grow out.

I am not at a point of frustration with it as yet, but as the length of my side bangs becomes increasingly awkward-looking, I am quite sure that I will need all the patience I can muster to keep growing them out.

Time and patience. That's what we who are growing our hair need. Time and lots and lots of patience.


  1. Time passes whether we like it or not. Patience is the hard part.

  2. Bad word to me: patience! LOL You will always look beautiful, my friend, growing out or not.


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