Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sometimes It's Too Hot To Think About Hair

And today is one of those days.  It's been hotter temperature-wise than it is today, many, many times, but with a humidity of close to 80 per cent, it's pretty rough stuff.  It's been a day of hot flashes and lots of sweats for me, and my hair is the last thing on my mind, except for keeping it off my neck.

This is truly one of the advantages of long hair.  One can put it up and get it out of the way in seconds, and simply forget about it.  I am sitting here typing this with my hair pulled up in the simplest of buns, held by a hair fork.  It looks fine, and it's about as cool as you can get without having a Mia Farrow circa Rosemary's Baby pixie cut.

It's been an unusual day.  Although it has not rained, the humidity is such that the roads are slippery.  While it's bright and sunny now, we're expecting thunderstorms any time now.

Also, there was an earthquake in the city where my daughter resides, of a 5.5 magnitude, which is extremely rare here in Southern Ontario.  Although she lives 300 miles/500 km from us, the earthquake was definitely felt here.

After the quake, we looked up on the Internet to find out where the epicenter was, and we were quite surprised to learn that it was very near where my daughter is.

Fortunately, I read on the 'net that the power was out there after the quake and the cell phones weren't working, so I didn't panic when we couldn't reach her for a couple of hours.

I finally spoke with her, and all is well.  She did get a fright, but that was about it.

Tomorrow she'll be home, and that is such a treat.  However, she's travelling overnight as all traffic will be waylaid tomorrow due to the G20 Summit taking place in Toronto, beginning Friday, which is the major switching point for travelers between my daughter's city and here.  Everything starts to close off tomorrow, and travelling after that will be very difficult for the duration.

I'll be delighted to have her here safe and sound, even if she will likely need to head straight up to bed the moment she arrives.  It's a happy time.  I can't wait to see if her hair is at BSL yet.  She and I were about even on that score, last I heard.

Well, I'm sure I'll have more hair-related talk tomorrow, but for today, well, the title says it all.

Love to all.

'Til tomorrow.


  1. I'm glad that your daughter is OK. I've never been in a big earthquake just a tiny one when I lived in Colorado.

  2. You are so right about longer hair being good to just put it up and out of the way on hot days. I am already ruing the day I cut mine again. And it feels like a pelt on my head. Sigh...

    Also glad to hear that your daughter and the rest of you are well after the earthquake. I've been through a couple, but no real damages in the ones I've been least not to us/our home. They must be really scary when you are right in the epicenter though!


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