Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Need Hairstyle Inspiration

I'm in a rut.  I think it's because my hair is just at that length where it's growing out of many of the shorter styles that I love, but it's still about two or three inches too short to do some of the many updos that I've been waiting so long to do again.

Also, my hair is thicker than it ever was previously at this length.  I attribute that to better hair care leading to less breakage.  That's a great thing. I dreamed of having thicker hair and actually having it means that my hair care is really paying off.

However, thicker hair means needing more length to do many updos that I used to be able to do at this length. I can't yet do a Celtic Knot, except in a half-up.  The same goes with the Infinity Bun and one of my favourites, the Rose Bun.  There are many others too numerous to mention.

I was looking at my website longingly today, seeing the styles that I have done before, but can't yet do again.

Really, there are many alternative hairstyles that I can do at this length, but nothing is really grabbing me.  So I end up in the same old French Twist or Cinnamon Bun most of the time.

Does everyone hit a length when they get bored with their hair? I hope it's not just me, and I really hope that it passes very soon.

Maybe I'll run across a new hairstyle to try and become inspired again. I really hope so, and soon, because feeling as though I'm in a rut is not helping my patience level at this point.  And as I've mentioned many times before, even yesterday, patience needs to be my best friend in this long hair journey.


  1. I was never very good at doing the different styles. Actually I could do a couple. Hopefully you will get inspired soon.

  2. Sadly, I am always in a haircare rut and when I get bored, I end up cutting. It is almost like clockwork...Anywhere from 2 to 3 years out in the growing process. And I begin anew. I think you have more patience than you give yourself credit for, sweetie.


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