Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Off-Topic Tuesday: Breaking Mental Blocks and Other Things

My goodness, if any day could be described as perfection it would be today.  The sun is bright, there's not a cloud in the sky, there's a gentle breeze, and everywhere I look, I see green--the lovely green of late spring. We're expecting thunderstorms before too long, but right now, it's the epitome of a beautiful June day, not too hot, and not too cool, and I'm loving it.

Only another few days, and we will be at the Summer Solstice. I simply cannot wrap my head around that, as it seems as though the last Equinox just occurred. It really is true that time moves more quickly with age.  Especially after having my children, both of whom are now young adults, time seemed to take on a new, speedier form.

I can't even begin to imagine how quickly time will pass once I have grandchildren. I'm going to be 49 in a month, but didn't I just turn 40?

Well, on to another subject.

The title of this entry says "breaking mental blocks". That's what I did last week when I made my first hairstyle video. It's the first video I've ever posted on the internet.  Although I've had my hairstyle/hair care website for a couple of years, and I kept saying that I would post video tutorials, I never was able to get myself to do it, much to my embarrassment.

I suppose I get a bit camera shy and then when I watch a video back, I am very self-conscious about my voice. However, since I've begun writing this blog, I gradually gained enough confidence to just go ahead and do a video. It didn't turn out perfectly by any means (especially the way my French Twist comb isn't completely inserted at the end of the video), but it was okay. And I actually had the nerve to post it despite the fact that it's not perfect.

For some people, this would not be a big deal. For me, it really was. Not only did I have to overcome my shyness, but I had to put my perfectionism aside, and just go with what I considered "good enough".

So this blog isn't just helping me keep on track as far as my hair goals are concerned, but it's teaching me some other lessons as well. I thought that the only real lesson I would learn is the discipline of writing every day, but there has been so much more good that's coming out of it for me.

That is just pure bonus.


  1. I really enjoy your blog and I liked your video. I think you did a good job with it and it's very helpful.

  2. In so many ways you remind me of me...albeit a sweeter and gentler me, but me. LOL You are amazing, my friend.


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