Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another Rainy Sunday

I was hoping to touch up my roots today, (it's been 5 weeks already), but I still have the combination migraine and cluster headache that I woke up with on Sunday. So I haven't even been able to drag myself into the shower as yet today, let alone think about colouring my hair.

The weather this summer has been the absolute worst for a migraineur, and I hate to say it, but this year I really won't be sorry to say goodbye to the summer.

So yes, Lulu, we did get the rain last night, overnight and into today. It was really coming down last evening. I hope that you got the rain in your neck of the woods. I'm about halfway between Toronto and Niagara Falls, at the inner elbow of the lake, and where we are positioned geographically, the weather that hits Toronto or Niagara Falls sometimes bypasses us due to lake effect. Not this time though. I hope that you got the rain that the Niagara Region so needs right now.

As far as the coconut oil that I use, I use a very common brand, Spectrum. I found it at a local health food store, but since then I have found it in regular grocery stores as well. Although unrefined coconut oil is the preferred oil by most people, I don't like the coconut odour, so I use refined oil. Clearly it is still effective for me.

I should make it clear though that coconut oil doesn't generally thicken one's hair. In my case, I believe that it has protected my hair against the peroxide damage from hair dye, thus preventing the early breakage that I used to get.

Coconut oil also helps hair, whether coloured or natural, to retain protein. If you don't colour your hair, or use a permanent wave or straightener, it's unlikely that you will suffer any severe protein loss.

A lot of people like to use coconut oil on their ends daily, but it's too rich for everyday use for me. However, different hair types like different oils. Also, many people, including myself, like to use it as a pre-wash deep oiling treatment. I have found that it can make my hair feel softer.

If you have crunchy or velcro ends, remember that usually that's a sign of buildup and the go-to first step to remedy that would be to clarify your hair and then use a deep moisturizing treatment such as a cone-free conditioner mixed with honey.

AutumnLeaves, I agree that it's best to leave well enough alone, but I'm here if the siren call really gets to you.

Thank you again to everyone for your well wishes and kind comments.

'Til tomorrow. Much love to all.


  1. Hi Franny, heavens, migraines sound terrible, I am so sorry that you have to deal with such pain. Yes, we did get rain, plenty of it I'm pleased to report. There is a small metal shed just outside of my bedroom window and the sound of the rain hitting the roof all night was so very calming, I loved it! There is a set of train tracks just a couple of miles away from our house and I just love waking up in the night and hearing the whistle blowing in the distance, it takes me to such a lovely place, not sure where that place is, I only know that I love it there. Last nights rainfall gave me that same feeling. Today I went to the Mapleview Mall in Burlington, just a stones toss from IKEA, to search for a "cocktail" dress. I did find one, eventually, at Laura Petites. The regular price was $175.00, but it was marked down to $89.00, what a deal, but wait, it gets even better, when I got to the cash it was marked down again to $69.00!!! What a deal! OK, back to hair....I will go out tomorrow and buy some coconut oil to use as a pre-wash treatment. I will let you know how it works. My ends are so crunchy that I can actually hear them when I press them between my fingers. I just "know" that a trim is much needed, no amount of oil of any kind is going to help, of this I am certain!

  2. Hope you're feeling better by now! I live near Niagara Falls, NY and I'm looking forward to cooler weather too. I'd take some lake effect snow over this heat and humidity any day.

  3. Oh dear, Franny. I so hate that you deal with these. Please do send some rain this way too. And of course, I will indeed come to you if the siren song proves too alluring to ignore!


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