Sunday, August 8, 2010

BSL Update and Other Stuff

Thank you all for the kind comments about my progress photos of yesterday. They are much appreciated. I think that in the next six months or so I'm going to leave the "sort of long hair" stage and be at the "that's long hair" stage. I'm looking forward to it.

Ice Queen, I agree that we hair people are more conscious of invisible damage than non-hair people. I think you may be familiar with experiencing the feeling of spongey ends, while the rest of the hair feels normal.  That's what I have right now.  It doesn't show up in photos, but I sure can feel it when my hair is wet.

Also, I did have some breakage and I've been living with it for two full years.  If you click yesterday's photo and look at it in large size you can see that the breakage is worse on the right hand side, and the ends are thinner on that side.  After two years, I've really had about enough of it, but it's going to be a long time before I trim to the point of that breakage, if I plan to keep on growing.  I just have to grin and bear it. Unfortunately, I can't always grin, depending on the day.

Lulu, I agree with Her Majesty, The Ice Queen. White vinegar is the preferred rinse for people with either platinum blonde or silver hair. There are several people at LHC who have reported ACV depositing a bit of colour on their silvers.

AutumnLeaves, I forgot to answer your question about the long French Twist forks the other day.  I think you may mean Chignon Pins or Chignon Forks like this or this? If you do a search using either of the terms I gave you, you'll find plenty of them.  I think they're gorgeous. I've seen some really beautiful vintage chignon forks on Ebay, but never have purchased one.

I decided to post a photo marking just how far I have to go to reach bottom of BSL. I have about 1 5/8 inches or a little over 4 cm to go. I'll likely be there in 4 months or so, barring some unexpected catastrophe.

Well that's it 'til tomorrow, my friends.  Love to all.


  1. Thank you, darlin', for those links. Nope, that isn't what I meant (and I have one of those, I think!). They are actually combs for the hair, but short-toothed, and they are a good 5 to six inches wide. There are more teeth to it than a hair fact it looks a bit like a curved comb.

  2. Hello Franny,
    It's understandable, you should VERY happy with hair. Quite a journey you've been on, but just look at what you achieved, your hair is gorgeous!

    I took you & my laptop into the bathroom & tried that "Gibson Tuck" 3 times, both times with no luck. Tucking my hair in only managed to pull my ponytail out. You're right though, I do have enough hair, thanks for all your support, I do appreciate it VERY much. I'll give it another try later, what I need is patience, & quite frankly I'm ALL thumbs too!

    Take care,


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