Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Off-Topic Tuesday: Hot, Hazy, Humid

Well, yesterday's thunderstorm was welcome moisture for the earth, but it did little to change the recent pattern of very hot, hazy and humid weather that we've been experiencing of late. Today it is sunny once again, but the heat and humidity are for me, unbearable.

I never did enjoy this type of weather except if I were by a swimming pool or a beach, but I find that as the years go by, my ability to tolerate it has lessened to the point that I don't seem to be enjoying the summer the way I wish I could. Part of it has to do with migraines; hot, humid weather is withering for a migraineur. I think that perhaps the hormones of pre-menopause are not in agreement with this weather either.

It's rather making me panic, because we're approaching the middle of August and I haven't been out enjoying the summer the way most people do, and the next thing I know it will be cold again.

I often wonder if things will be different after menopause. I know that my aunt saw the end of her migraines after menopause, and I do hope that will be so for me. I don't know if I'll ever adjust to the really hot weather again though. I would love to have a spell of weather that had little humidity for a change.

There is really nothing new of note in my world at the moment. My son is finishing up his baseball season, my daughter is settled in her new place of residence, and my husband has just begun a few weeks of holidays.

As for me, I'm just going day by day, doing as much as I can when I'm feeling well, and trying not to beat myself up for not doing a lot when I'm not feeling too well. And the latter is not always easy, I have to confess.

AutumnLeaves, I don't know what to say about that comb you're talking about.  Perhaps it's just a really wide French twist comb, and the teeth in it seem short only in relation to the width.

I hope that you get some rain, and soon, SchnauzerMom. I don't like the sound of your dry earth.

I really liked your comments yesterday, Kayla and Linda. Giving up on being able to style one's hair is a sure way to get discouraged in your growth process, so keep working working on what you need to work on. I know you'll get it down pat eventually.

'Til tomorrow, my friends. Love to all.


  1. I certainly hope the migraines go away with menopause. We got rain all around us but not on us.

  2. I'm with you. I've never tolerated the summer heat well, even as a kid. I've been prone to headaches my whole life and got my first migraine when I was 10. I've been getting them ever since, though not as you get them. I can't even imagine how you function or get online when they hit. I too like being in the water with the heat, but without a pool of my own, that will never happen either. I used to love swimming. But these days...give me the autumn, the spring, the winter...and in that order...any day over these summer months.

    Hoping today finds you feeling well though, my friend. I hope you and your husband can do some fun things while he is on vacation too.


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