Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Hair Really Is Thicker!

It is really not just talk. My hair is measurably thicker since I've been using coconut oil before colouring my hair. It's also visually thicker. I'm showing a side by side comparison of my hair in a braid, the one on the right taken just today.

The photo I'm showing on the left is a picture of my braid when my hair got to this length for the first time almost four years ago. At that time, my bangs were not even cut back as far as they are right now.

Although it may not look like it, I braided my hair as tightly as possible in the picture to the right today. I've noticed that I'm having to relearn how to do a simple single braid with this new thickness, and it often comes out crooked.

As you can see, the ends are still quite thin, and that's a result of the broken ends that I'm always talking about. I've mentioned before that when I hit waist length, I plan to maintain for a while to thicken up those ends.

My nape circumference used to be 2.25 inches/5.7 cm and it is now an even 3 inches/7.6 cm. I am quite pleased, and having to adapt how I do my hairstyles is a small price to pay for the increased thickness.

While I have no concrete proof that the coconut oil pre-colouring treatment is the reason for less breakage, hence increased thickness, it is pretty much at the point of my growth when I started using the coconut oil that the thickness is increased. I can't think of another thing that I've changed since the early days of growing my hair. Even two years after stopping heat styling, and with my bangs grown out, my nape circumference was not much over the 2.25 inches/5.7 cm mark. The nape circumference only shows an increase for about two years worth of growth, which is exactly how long I've been using the coconut oil.

So, seeing the visual proof of my increased thickness has made this another good hair day.

Thank you everyone for your comments yesterday. It's so exciting to be growing along with others who share my enthusiasm. I also appreciate the well wishes for this migraine experience that I continue to have.

AutumnLeaves, if you ever really feel that you are going to succumb to the hair dye again, please message me and we'll discuss strategies to make it a better experience than you had before. Having said that, I think you look lovely just the way you are right now.

I hope you're all enjoying a wonderful weekend. 'Til tomorrow, my friends. Love to all.


  1. Franny, may I ask where you purchase your coconut oil and what brand it is?? I really need to get some, it has been on my "list" since joining TLHC over a year ago. Your improved thickness is so inspiring!! I measured my hair for the first time (ever actually) this morning while it was soaking wet and it is "exactly" 19 inches long. If I am going to seriously set length goals then perhaps I should start charting my growth. Did you get the rainfall that has been predicted for Toronto?? It is just starting to sprinkle here in Niagara, and it is SO humid. Apparently there is going to be a significant amount of (much needed) rain overnight......bring it on!

  2. 'Course I will, my sweet. Michael doesn't want me to color (he's afraid I'll scalp myself again to get rid of dye) so I'm abstaining for now!

  3. Wow your hair is a lot thicker. Wish I could thicken mine up but the thinness is genetic.

  4. Your hair looks great! My hair has also passed the 3-inch circumference milestone recently, and I'm thrilled. I know I'll never have a massive circumference, but it's wonderful to see and feel results when you're growing out damage.

  5. Wow, Franny, your hair looks fantastic! That's a real achievement, such thickness! I'm so in awe!


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