Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Very Quick Update

I'm unable to make a lengthy blog post today, as I'm quite ill (don't worry, Sherry, I'll be okay in a day or so).

Today is hair length update day.  I wasn't able to get my photos done today, as I've been all but sick in bed and indeed have bedhead, but I was able to measure my hair.

I had a reasonable growth month, with 5/8 of an inch of growth, bringing my hair to 24 5/8 inches from the hairline on my forehead to the tips of the ends.  Slowly I'm getting there. It still looks as though I should hit BSL by the New Year.

I do want to mention that I really admire you both, Lulu and AutumnLeaves, for going with your natural colour.  I can't even envision a day when I won't want to have the colour of my own choice surrounding my face, so I really take my hat off to you both, for just letting your hair be your hair.

I hope that everyone is enjoying a lovely weekend.

Love to all.


  1. I hope you wake to feeling much better today, Franny. I hate that you suffer so...

    Trust me, I'd much prefer the color to my hair as well. It is just that there are inklings of white roots the very next day after coloring and by the end of the week you can see at least 1/8" of white roots showing. With naturally dark hair, the contrast is way too high. Coloring once a week is way too expensive and too high maintenance. Much as I would prefer the color, it is just easier to let it do its thing. I suppose I earned each of those silvers, yes? (Then I wonder why I look so old!)


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