Monday, August 2, 2010

Spray Mist Bottles

Before I start talking about hair, I do want to say that I'm feeling much better than I did yesterday. Not quite back to normal, but getting there. There are still no update pictures though, as I'm not up to washing my hair and having the resulting wet head today, and I like update photos to be taken right after a wash.

Now to today's topic.

A lot of long-haired people keep mister bottles on hand. There are many things people put in their mister depending on their hair's condition and type.

I like to keep one spray bottle with distilled water only in it.  I do add some lavender essential oils just for the fragrance.  I use that to dampen my hair to remove odd dents from having worn a bun, or to dampen my bangs to comb them straight if I wake up with them sticking out. I choose distilled water for two reasons.  The first is that it doesn't add any of the minerals that are in tap water to my hair, and the second is so that it doesn't end up leaving hard water residue in my bottle which might eventually clog it.

I keep a smaller bottle with distilled water, a bit of conditioner and a few drops of jojoba oil in it, mixed well. I like to use this on the ends of my hair sometimes before bunning my hair as a little between-wash conditioning.

There are other things that can be put in a mist bottle. Some people like to use different oils, aloe vera gel, glycerine, all of the above, or some other ingredient that you know your hair likes.

Another use for the bottle with distilled water, oil, conditioner and/or some of the other ingredients I mentioned is to help tame hair that is poufing out due to humidity. With the right mix, this can be quite effective.

So this is something you might like to try, and it's fun experimenting with some different ingredients and amounts until you find that "magic" formula.

Love to all. 'Til tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for that information, it's very helpful.

  2. I should really get one. I try to dab or spread water on my hair with my hands and it's quite inefficient. I wonder if rainwater would keep well in a mister or if like sea water it's only good when fresh. It seems whenever I get rainwater on my hair, when it dries it has a wonderful full-bodied weight and feeling to it. It's normally very slick and lightweight so I notice the difference.

  3. I need to find essential oils someplace!


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