Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rough Day

I had hoped not to talk about migraines when I started this blog, but I'm afraid they are a regular part of my life, so it's difficult not to discuss the subject, especially on days like this.

Today I woke up with not only a migraine, but a cluster headache on top of it. It hasn't eased up even a little today, so needless to say, I am not up to writing much.

I have not been very present on the hair forums or on Facebook for the past few days. Sometimes I tend to retreat to my groundhog hole, and this is one of those times. I'm about two days behind on reading the blogs that I'm subscribed to as well, but I will catch up.

In good news, my son returned home safely after his visit with my daughter.  They had such a good time, and I know that it meant a lot to my daughter.

As for my hair, I have been wondering if I can start going four months between trims instead of just three. I guess I won't know until trim time comes in September. If the ends are looking too raggedy, I guess I'll go ahead and have a small trim. If not, I'll wait until October.

However, with such straight hair every little uneven hair does show, so my guess is that I'll end up having my regular September trim.

It's funny how for the past two years, trimming didn't bother me, but as I'm getting closer to my next goal, I'm very jealous of every half inch of hair that I have.

In the end though, I know that my desire for quality will win out over my desire for quantity, even though it means waiting to reach that next milestone.

I hope to have a video or a photo tutorial some time before the end of the weekend. I'm actually thinking that I'll be able to do a Figure 8 video now.

Even for those of you with shorter hair, you may find that you can do a Figure 8 half-updo, so yes, it will indeed be my next video. The nice thing about half-ups is that they do protect the most vulnerable part of the hair, the canopy.

Well, I'm off to relax in hopes that I can obliterate this head pain and nausea.

'Til tomorrow, my friends. Much love to everyone.



  2. Hello,
    Simply wanted to say "HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER" real soon!

  3. I hope you feel better really soon.

  4. Ahhh, Franny...I hate that you deal with this. I so hope that today finds you feeling better, honey. By the way, I added a playlist to my blog that plays automatically when you are on it. So? Turn your speakers on, turn the volume down a little lower, and enjoy. I think we are of a sentimental heart so I think you will enjoy.

  5. I tried to leave a comment and I think I lost it. I'm not sure. I followed your blog from the LHC. (BRAND new over there!) I'm turning 40 in about a week and decided to go for waist length. When I read your blog I became more interested because I am diagnosed with CDH and migraines. Anyway, after 3 years they might (holding breath, crossing fingers, fear of jinxing myself) have found a med that is helping. So there is hope. Even if it is just finding a way to live within the perimeters that you are given.


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