Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Off-Topic Tuesday: Comments, Movies and Whatever

Today, I'd like to respond to a few comments from the past week.  

Yes, Liliana, sadly you are correct. As lovely as rainwater is, it contains enormous amounts of bacteria and some toxins, which vary depending upon where you live. This makes rainwater only good on the day of the actual rainfall. Unfortunately, It can't be stored. Many years ago, it may have been kept for a week or so, but with the amount of impurities in the air today, it simply can't be kept. Distilled water is the closest thing you can get today to the pure rain water of centuries ago.

If you look in box stores, you can often find it in large quantities at surprisingly low prices. While it still galls me to pay any amount at all for water, it is worth it for distilled water, especially when on sale. And it does last. Misters are much more efficient and evenly distribute water through the hair than I can do with my hands, I have found.

Going back to last Tuesday, I was excited to see that some of you shared my taste in movies and in literature. Melissa, as you finish reading all of Jane Austen's novels, I am sure that you will appreciate her sense of humour in poking fun at the social conventions of the day and how brave she was to publish such material, as a female. Not only does she spin a good tale, but she really has her finger on the pulse of the societal rules, the class system and the ridiculousness of it all. As I mentioned, I read her complete works regularly, and even the books that some find less compelling, I find to be splendid.

AutumnLeaves, I knew you liked The Thin Man, but I didn't know that you owned the complete set. So do I!  No one does glamour, witty banter, champagne, wealth and even mild decadence the way Nick and Nora Charles do. And of course Asta. One can only imagine how the Depression Era audiences drank all of that up. Myrna Loy and William Powell made a wonderful team and had great chemistry.

Aamba, I agree that Anne Tyler is awesome. I think she is one of the most brilliant living authors. I have been reading her novels for close to 30 years. Her characters, while often somewhat eccentric, are so very real, and I feel so good when I read Ms. Tyler's books.  Have you read Ladder of Years? When that book came out, it was quite a revelation to me and a wonderful escape. I have read it many times since. I can't even tell you my favourite Anne Tyler book, because they all seem like family to me at this point.

Anonymous, I love El Labyrintho Del Fauno, and I even own the DVD. It is one of the best films in the past decade, in my opinion. I also adored Let the Right One In, and have seen it a few times. It was one of those surprises that I so enjoy. Other foreign films that I have recently seen and admired are the suprisingly touching and interesting Belgian film, Ben X, the Spanish El Orfanato, (a fabulous, old-fashioned ghost story, which are becoming so rare) and the French  Le voyage du ballon rouge starring the amazing Juliette Binoche.

And finally, SchnauzerMom, I am also very happy that you didn't bother with colouring your hair. I say this not only because you prevented damage, but also because you are lovely with your hair colour as it is.

'Til tomorrow, my friends.  Love to all.


  1. Franny, darlin', I just love you to pieces!

  2. I haven't read Ladder of Years. I'm going to go look for it at the library immediately.

    Speaking of Jane Austen, have you seen this hilarious video?
    (Jane Austen's Fight Club)

  3. I love Jane Austin books and I have the complete Thin Man set too.

  4. I just finished Anne Tyler's "A Patchwork Planet."


  5. Damn, I was gonna post the Jane Austen's Fight Club link, but someone beat me to it! Oh well, how about this one then: Pride and Predjudice and Zombies http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pride_and_Prejudice_and_Zombies

    And this is going to be actually made in to a movie!


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