Friday, October 22, 2010

After The Deep Oiling And A Positive Article About Long Hair In Middle Age!

I forgot to mention yesterday how my deep oiling of Wednesday worked out. It was a very good success, and the photo taken yesterday was indeed taken after that treatment. It was the right time for a good oiling.

On LHC today, someone started a thread about this article in the New York Times, which was for once a positive opinion about long hair in middle age. The author made some very good points, and I liked the fact that she didn't write it as though having short hair is unattractive. I always like it when people understand that we all have different needs and preferences and that having long hair is no better than having short hair. It's all about what we feel good about for ourselves.

It's unfortunate that this is one of the first articles I've read of that nature in a mainstream publication in all the years that I've been planning on growing my hair longer.

Of course, I know that the pervasive opinion in our society is and will continue to be that older women should wear shorter hair, but it is nice to hear someone speak up for those of us who choose long hair for a change.

I just know that barring a health disaster, I'll be having long hair as long as I'm able. I waited far too long to grow my hair, and I have no intention of ever having short hair again. I've been there, done that so many times that I know I'd regret it in an instant.

Now, just what length that long hair will be is something I don't know. However, I can't imagine that there will ever be a day when my hair is not long enough to bun or to put in a nice braid or ponytail.

I guess APL would be about as short as I could ever see me going again. But that would be in the distant future. At this point I'm just looking forward to achieving waist length next year, and hoping to see tail bone at some point after I've maintained waist length long enough to cut out the existing damage.

Will I ever be able to reach tail bone?  I honestly don't know. I really hope so though. It depends on how thick I can keep the ends. I don't want tail bone length hair if it's just spindly. My hair type doesn't do spindly very well.

Anyway, another week is over. For me, I must admit that's a relief. This has not been a good week for me. I'm feeling a bit better today than I have been, but I'm still not feeling like myself. While I have a migraine going on aside from my hormonal issues, I am feeling more optimistic, as though there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

It's nice and sunny as I type this, and it's very cheering to me.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I really do.

'Til tomorrow. Much love to all.


  1. Wow. I am surprised by this article. Pleasantly so. I am so tired of being told by "the experts" that because I am over 40, I am supposed to fade away, be understated, banish myself to the basement so that the new crop of sexay young things can have their turn.

    Screw that! lol

    I am keeping my hair and I am letting it grow. :D

  2. I will NEVER forget December 22nd, 2008, it will be forever etched in my memory. My daughter came with me to the hair appointment to cut off the last of the remaining dye and finally reveal, for the first time in over 20 years, my natural hair. It was very exciting and it was also "my own decision to go for it." My daughter decided to shop around the mall and asked me to just meet her at the Food Court after the cut. My husband and I were preparing to head South for the winter in just a few days so it just seemed like the right time to chop. My longtime stylist asked me if I was certain I wanted her to cut off all of the dyed hair and I said yes, do it. When it was over, she showed me the back, using her giant round mirror and I can remember thinking "what have I just done?" My head looked like the back of a man's head, completely cropped, I still refer to the cut as my "down to the wood chop." I also remember fighting back the tears. My daughter's reaction was "Oh my God Mom, that's pretty severe!" The tears won the fight at that moment. I dropped her off at her house and then headed home, crying (sobbing, actually) the whole way. From that day forward I vowed to never, ever have short hair again, ever! There's not an article or opinion that will change my mind, I am a long haired girl at heart and in my soul, it is meant to be. This is the reason I love your blog so much, Franny, you inspire me.

  3. luluj: Sounds like you and Franny are kindred spirits!!

  4. Isn't that a great article, Ice Queen? I was very surprised to read it too. Article or no article, I'm glad that our crop of sexay young things are keeping our long hair, no matter what anyone says.

    Lulu, thank you so much for sharing your story. I certainly understand. As you may know from this blog, I had a similar experience when cutting out bleach damage some 12 years ago, and ended up with an inch or so of hair at is longest point. I don't even have any photos of that disaster until over 2 months after the fact. I have never felt so unlike myself in my life. Yet, 6 years later, I went and cut a lip length bob. My hair had been getting longer, but it was raggedy, as I still didn't know good hair care. That was my very last short cut. At least it was an easy grow-out cut. Yes, we are longhaired girls, heart and soul.

    ShamRock, you are right. Lulu and I are kindred spirits to be sure. I'm glad you posted a comment. Thank you so much.

  5. That is a good article. I think we should be able to wear our hair they way we want and not according to the standards of other people.

  6. Loved the article, Franny. Thank you!


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