Thursday, October 21, 2010

Embellish Your Ponytail: French Braided Ponytail

This is another way to jazz up a simple ponytail or even a simple low bun.

I simply French braided my hair to the nape, and then wrapped the ponytail with a hair safe elastic. In this photo, I used a hair Bunjii, which is extremely hair friendly, but unfortunately is no longer being manufactured.

It's quick, it's easy and it just adds a bit of interest to an otherwise simple style.

On another note altogether, it's been a strange day weather-wise here today. It rained, it was sunny, it rained, it was sunny, but it's been fairly mild out. The only thing is that I've never known from one moment to the next if it will be nice enough to go for a walk or not. It's been completely unpredictable. Right now it's raining again, just since I started writing.

Wow, Friday tomorrow already. This week has been a blur for me.

I've still not caught up on my sleep but I'm feeling a bit better emotionally today. Whatever is going on with my hormones just might be stabilizing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  

'Til tomorrow, my friends. Much love to all.


  1. We actually had hail today, along with sun, clouds, blue skies, angry purple skies, wind and to top it all off , the most vivd rainbow I have ever seen!! Crazy Fall weather, ever changing, always interesting. Love the simplicity of the braid, Franny. It looks so elegant and polished.My fingers (and toes) are crossed for you. Lulu

  2. We have rain west of us, I hope it comes our way we are very dry here. That french braid looks gorgeous.

  3. Is this picture from after your deep oiling? Your hair looks so lustrous! The style is also lovely!

  4. Thanks for the idea. The style looks great on you! I could try it out on myself today.

  5. Oh, Lulu, I wish I'd seen such a rainbow! How lovely! And hail. What a crazy mixed-up day. I managed an almost 6 hour sleep, so thank you for crossing your fingers (and toes). Still need a bit more sleep to feel rested, but that was a great start.

    I hope you do get that rain, SchnauzerMom.

    Yes, Hairstorm, the photo was taken just before I wrote the blog entry so it was day 1 after the deep oiling.

    I can only imagine how pretty this would look with your hair, Ohtawen.

    Thank you all for the kind words about the style.


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