Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Night Touch-Up

Wow, we were blessed with a most perfect autumn day today! I could live with days like this all year around. The sun was shining and it was mild and beautiful out. If only the sun didn't set so early these days.

Melissa, you were right. It's gorgeous here, and I'll bet that it is for Lulu too, also in the Golden Horseshoe as I am.

Thanks for your tips about the photographs too, Melissa. It always seems that the weather does not cooperate when I want to take an outdoor photo. Usually when I want to take a hair photo, it's windy, foggy, rainy or all of the above, while being sunny and calm every other day. I try to take my photos in the same place in the house all the time, but clearly it's not working for me. I'll have to find a new location, perhaps.

At the old LHC (properly known as the Archived LHC), when we had photo journals, one of my friends, Xandergrammy, used to give my hair colour a "name of the day", like Honey Caramel, Sunlit Toffee, or something equally yummy sounding. Even then my hair showed as a different colour every day. That was almost 4 years ago now.

By the way, I have actually started to actually reply to comments in the comments section, like a normal person, so if you leave a comment, you may find that for once I've addressed it.

Anyway, after the sun set this evening, I decided to touch up my roots. I changed it up a little by trying a different colour, so I applied it after marinating for a lengthy time in coconut oil. I still haven't rinsed it, but I will be momentarily. I doubt that anyone will notice a change in colour, but I will. I think that it was time to try something new. Eventually, the rest of my hair will gradually change as it grabs the new colour.

I wrote about  the movie "The Brothers Bloom" in my film blog today. It's a movie that just came out on DVD this year, and I enjoyed it a lot.

Well, it's late, and I need to go and rinse my hair and then I'm going to relax, have an apple and read.

I hope everyone is enjoying as lovely a weekend as I have been.

'Til tomorrow, my friends. Much love to all, and extra hugs to anyone who is feeling confused today.


  1. It really was a gorgeous day yesterday, and today promises to be a repeat, although it's a little cloudy/sunny at the moment. There must be "something" in the air when it comes to hair, Franny. Mellie,who created the Salt and Pepper thread over at TLHC felt she needed a change also, so she cut her hair and added some caramel highlights. She now regrets the decision, although I think it looks very pretty! A couple of the other "Renegrays" have also had the same itch and kicked their hair up a notch! I have even thought of of adding some face framing highlights, but haven't followed never know!!

  2. Oh Lulu!!! I'm so happy that you stopped by and left a comment! I've been thinking about you a lot with this lovely weather.

    Indeed, there must be something in the air. I know what you mean about "you never know". I only know some things for sure; I will never have a short haircut; I will never dye my hair brown or darker--I'll always be a shade of blonde; I will never bleach or perm. But I may vary my shade if the itch gets to me enough. I may grow out my bangs. Who knows? Be sure to keep me posted if you do try anything new.

    I'm sorry that Mellie is regretting her decision. It's a tough one to make in the first place. I'm off to go and give some support.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!!!

  3. The weather is pretty warm here. The days are definitely shorter. At 7:00 this morning it was still dark.

  4. ShnauzerMom, I can't believe that we don't change the time back until November 7th. It's going to be dangerously dark for school kids in the morning for about a week.


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